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Informative Witcher Q&A at RPGVault

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Informative Witcher Q&A at RPGVault

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Sat 24 December 2005, 15:11:07

Tags: CD Projekt; Witcher, The

There is a new and very informative The Witcher interview at RPGVault.hu. It comes with a diagram and hype.

The Witcher is an extended RPG game, in which completing tasks and winning battles with monsters play an important role, so it's not hard to guess that many experience points are gained during combat. When the hero advances to the next level, he wins special points which can be used to increase the character's main features and to increase his skill with weapons. In using these points, the hero can learn selected combat styles, as I mentioned earlier, or become more skilful in using Signs. The system used to develop skills is like the popular "tree" model - as shown in the diagram.
One of the most important elements of the gameplay, which we strongly emphasise, is the rich combat styles. It is one of the most important elements of our game, and something which distinguishes it from competing games on the market, which only offer the use of two or three blows at the most. We can defeat our opponents in many different and effective ways, and each one is specially prepared to be used against a specific type of opponent. On top of this, Geralt has a whole range of "finishers", or extra-special, impressive blows which finish off a fight. My favourite finishers are combinations where Geralt plunges both swords into his victim's body, then shoves it away with a vicious kick, also a blow with a hook, which rips the enemy’s head off, or holds it in position ready to be sliced off with the sword. In practice, the player rarely uses just one battle style. Depending on the situation and the opponents, clashes in "The Witcher" are a mix of stunning sword fights, casting of Signs, drinking of elixirs and fights with burning torches or fist fights. The player may make use of all of these possibilities, depending on his preference, but combat using swords and Signs, is, in the majority of cases, quite simply the most effective.​
What the hell is an "extended RPG"? Anyway, sometimes The Witcher sounds like a decent game, but then you read crap like "winning battles with monsters and combat styles are one of the very important elements" and competing with games in the "number of blows" department, and you start wondering about the design and development focus.

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