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GameSpot talks Witcher

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GameSpot talks Witcher

Preview - posted by Spazmo on Sun 16 May 2004, 23:30:38

Tags: CD Projekt; Witcher, The

Gamespot PC have impressions on the Aurora powered Polish CRPG The Witcher from the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

As we saw, the Witcher will hold his adventures in a world where there are no clear-cut evil or good characters--the game will actually have three distinct endings that you'll see depending on your own actions. We watched the Witcher encounter a pair of decrepit zombies that summoned him to their master, a necromancer wearing black robes. We found out then that the necromancer wasn't necessarily a horrible villain, but rather, a grieving man who had recently lost his wife and had resorted to malefic sorcery to resurrect her. Instead, the fledgling wizard had unwittingly conjured the zombies, whom he hates and fears, and he asks you to rid him of them. You can opt to help him by slaying the zombies, turn on him and attack all three, or simply go on your merry way. In another sequence, we watched the Witcher confront a grave robber standing watch at the mouth of a tomb on behalf of his comrades. While we were offered the choice of attacking the robber, we talked our way past him into the grave and encountered the robber's cohorts, who demanded to know our business. After threatening them once, then apologizing, the Witcher managed to avoid a conflict, but from then on, the distrustful grave robbers told us nothing but pretty lies about how they were actually upstanding citizens who were just visiting the tomb in search a certain variety of medicinal mushrooms.​

Not bad at all for an action RPG. And hey, three endings is one more than BioWare's ULTRA DEEP ROLE PLAYING EPIC Knights of the Old Republic.

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