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MSNBC's Best role-playing games of 2007

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MSNBC's Best role-playing games of 2007

Review - posted by Ausir on Mon 17 December 2007, 03:07:55

Tags: CD Projekt; Witcher, The

MSNBC compiled a list of 6 best cRPGs of the year. The only game on the list that is not console-only and not a MMO is CD Projekt's The Witcher:

"The Witcher" is a PC RPG based on the popular fantasy works of Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, grim tales that follow the exploits of Geralt the monster hunter. This is an RPG for gamers that really want to dig into a somewhat traditional fantasy world full of magic and monarchs, but be warned: The language and content makes this game definitely one for adults.

Exploring medieval scenery and managing your hero's statistics and skills plays out like many other RPGs, but "The Witcher" employs fast-paced combat. On a nice PC, "The Witcher" fills the monitor with lush imagery, making every step a visual treat.

Of the console-only games, BioWare's Mass Effect is the only one that is not a jRPG. You can also vote on which of the MSNBC pick you consider the best.

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