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Is The Witcher Enhanced enough?

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Is The Witcher Enhanced enough?

Game News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Thu 11 March 2010, 11:02:59

Tags: Witcher, The

... is a question you should carefully ponder.
In case you conclude it could still use some enhancements, try this.
Medical Problems, a new Witcher Adventure.

Shani needs help fighting an epidemic of a new, unknown sickness. But what could a monster slayer possibly do about a medical problem?

The game has several different possible endings, depending on which choices you make while playing. Three choices each have consequences, making eight different paths through the game, and which ending you get depends on the combination of choices.

Geralt has monsters to kill, human lives to save, a mystery to solve, and witcher contracts to fulfill. There are also some ladies to woo, though all but one of them are optional. :-)

In case you're still feeling indifferent towards this, I'd like to point out that you get to card 6 more chicks, which is as enhanced as it can get.

Spotted at: Big Nose George

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