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The Witcher reviewed right here, at the Codex

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The Witcher reviewed right here, at the Codex

Review - posted by Calis on Sat 1 December 2007, 15:38:47

Tags: Witcher, The

Cardtrick submitted an excellent review of The Witcher, explaining why exactly he loved the game. If you need more motivation to read the review, here's a choice paragraph to get you started:
The Witcher is one of the first games . . . well, ever . . . to actively hype its choices and consequences. This alone should make it interesting to the average Codex reader. The basic idea, in case you've been living under a rock (or, you know, have a life outside of games) is that The Witcher presents you with choices during the course of the game without clear answers. Only much later in the game do you discover the consequences of your decisions, which can have significant impact on the plot.

Anyway, go read it.

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