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Witcher interview at TVG

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Witcher interview at TVG

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 10 January 2005, 20:19:23

Tags: CD Projekt; Witcher, The

Total Video Games has posted a 3-page interview with The Witcher's developers.

During the game, our hero will learn Forms - the basic elements of Witcher's art of fighting, each of them with specific purposes and effects (both positive and negative). Those Forms can then be combined into whole Sequences of attacks that compound the effects of particular Forms. The player has to choose such a Sequence that will allow him to utilize his opponent's weaknesses and at the same time make it impossible for the foe to utilize his strengths.

Preparing a good Sequence is one thing, employing it in practice is something completely different. While attacks are triggered in a simple point&click manner, the problem lies not in making a given cut or slash, but in doing it perfectly. Only ideal timing of consecutive attacks will result in the occurrence of the desired effect - that's where the player's own manual dexterity comes into play.​
That kinda sucks. I hope that the story is good, at least.

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