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Moron Daily reviews The Witcher

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Moron Daily reviews The Witcher

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Sat 3 November 2007, 14:41:11

Tags: CD Projekt; Witcher, The

Game Daily, a site that shall be known from now on as Moron Daily[/url], has posted the most idiotic <a href=http://www.gamedaily.com/games/the-witcher/pc/game-reviews/review/3106/1830/?cp=1&page=1>review[/url] of The Witcher, once again attracting everyone's attention to the fact that too many morons STILL have unrestricted access to the internet. The score is 6/10.

Even though the game graphics generate some pretty good looking characters, they all lack facial expressions, and most don't even use hand gestures.​
What a crappy game indeed.

Gamers can pick up special hunting quests called Contracts, but he can't complete them until he brushes up on his monster lore and learns all about the creature before confronting it and collecting trophies. That assumes the quest doesn't get broken, the way it did when we furthered one of the primary quests before collecting the reward for one of our side ones. It resulted in everyone at the local inn evacuating, including the person who was supposed to give us a bounty.​
You did something and it affected the gameworld. How horrible!

Anyway, let's take a look at the reaction:

What are you talk about munchie man? You are shame to the greatest country of Kazahstan!
Wow... this is a horrible review. Please play the game and make your own decision.
omg.. you are a serious shame to pc gamers, let alone a game reviewer. Please keep away from the gaming world.. we do not need people like you.
Funny how every single one of your gameplay examples comes from act one of the game, isn't it? One could almost assume that, oh, perhaps you never actually played beyond act one. But surely you're more professional than that? It's shameful that this review shares a home with the now famous "What Game Developers Hate About Videogame Reviewers" article posted last year. Great job confirming every single stereotype of the lazy, inept, clueless game reviewer.
I've been reading game reviews for a decade, and this is well up there with the worst. I'd be ashmed if i was the editor that let this slip, nevermind the guy that actually scrawled this contrived, inaccurate and biased rubbish.
This has possibly got to be one of the worst reviews i have ever read. It gives the impression that the reviewer has not played a pc game before to be honest and seems quite bewildered by anything even remotely complex.​

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