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Witcher week starts tomorrow

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Witcher week starts tomorrow

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 20 October 2004, 22:26:16

Tags: Witcher, The

The nice guys at CD Projekt have sent out a new newsletter for The Witcher. Here's the important bit about an upcoming media blow out dealie starting tomorrow:

As you’ve probably noticed there are no new materials coming with this issue of the newsletter. There is a reason, however, and NO… we weren’t too lazy to prepare them :) It is all because The Witcher Week, which starts on Thursday – October 21! The following week will indeed be unbelievable. Not only will you have a chance to see new screenshots, but also sketches, arts, renders and movies! All of them fresh and juicy :) What’s more, you will finally have a chance to meet the protagonist of the game. You’ll get to know the mysteries of the character development, and finally see what he looks like. Be sure to visit our website at soon!

Welp, I'm nearly excited. How about you guys?

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