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Witcher Q&A at RPG Vault, part II

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Witcher Q&A at RPG Vault, part II

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Sat 12 June 2004, 16:09:24

Tags: CD Projekt; Witcher, The

RPG Vault posted the second part of The Witcher interview.

Ryslaw Chojnowski: Let me explain it in more detail. Before or during combat - you can always stop the action by means of active-pause - the witcher prepares his own combination of attacks choosing them from his list and putting them in special slots at the bottom of the screen. At the beginning of the game, he has only three slots available, which means that he can only create three-attack sequence, but as he gains more experience, he is granted additional slots.

In each of the combat styles, there are different types of attacks, which are divided into three groups - basic, advanced and master. Each attack costs a specific amount of Endurance points (stronger attacks are, of course, more expensive), and each also has a so-called "minimal slot", meaning that more powerful attacks must be placed later in the sequence; you have to prepare yourself by using some weaker attacks first.

After you've placed the attacks in a sequence, it's time to use them in actual combat. To start a battle, simply click on your opponent, and the witcher will use his opening blow. Then, you have to click again in order to get to the next attack. If you are fighting with more opponents and just managed to kill one of them in a middle of the sequence, it is automatically continued against next enemy. This enables the witcher to kill even a big group of opponents with one very spectacular combination.
Also, if you manage to time your attack properly (which means clicking at the moment when your weapon hits the opponent), you get a so-called "perfect" strike, which is more powerful, always hits the opponent and costs fewer or even no endurance points. Scoring a perfect attack also gives the player more experience points, so the more skilled the player is, the faster will he advance​
Involving players in combat is a worthy goal, but I'm not sure that timed strikes are the answer.

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