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CD Projekt's Co-Founder interviewed

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CD Projekt's Co-Founder interviewed

Interview - posted by Monolith on Sun 2 November 2008, 23:15:57

Tags: CD Projekt; Michal Kicinski; Witcher, The

Michal Kicinski, Co-Founder and CEO of CD Projekt, has been interviewed by Edge Online and Gamestar (in German) recently. Both sites take the opportunity of The Witcher selling those 1 million copies and basically ask about what brought that success and what the future will bring - with Gamestar going more into the details and additionally asking what CD Projekt has learned from developing The Witcher.

Some quotes from Edge:

CD Projekt's approach to piracy isn't slapping intrusive, annoying DRM onto a disc. Like any game maker, CD Projekt wants to protect its property. But it does this not by trying to aimlessly (and in futility) block piracy, but by treating piraters as competitors with rival products. Essentially, isn't that what they really are?

"We absolutely think that the best way to fight piracy is to somehow compete with piracy by offering quality support for buyers of the original game. These things cannot be copied by pirates," Kacinski argued.​
Dunno about the support, but the additional content contained in the retail box made my decision easier. Notice how they misspelled his name (how fucking unprofessional is that!?)

Anyway, here's a tidbit from Wikipedia (yeah, feeling bad about it) about The Witcher's non intrusive copy protection:

<code>"The game uses the controversial TAGES copy protection system, which, when triggered, quietly and undetectably sabotages the content of the game to make it unwinnable by making certain key non-player characters disappear permanently.[citation needed] TAGES has been found to conflict with disc image drive emulators and react similarly to the presence of SCSI and SATA drivers in the system, resulting in the copy protection system preventing users from running legitimately purchased copies of the game. These problems can sometimes be avoided by uninstalling the TAGES driver with the official installation program and then starting the game (which will automatically install the appropriate driver version), but saved games already in progress must be abandoned and the game started over from the beginning. The Downloadable version of the 1.4 Patch for The Witcher removes the DVD-check"</code>

Next quote from Edge...

For now, the company will remain PC-centric, although Kicinski "wants to be present" in the console market.
...made me shiver.

There's another article about The Witcher on DTF, a Russian site, and since it's in Russian, I don't have a clue what exactly it's about. Still, might be of interest for some of you.

We'll have our very own interview with Michal up anytime soon - and we'll try to go more into the details, so stay tuned.

Spotted at: Official The Witcher site

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