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The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Review Round-up

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The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Review Round-up

Review - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sat 15 November 2008, 13:56:40

Tags: Witcher, The

One of the advantages of realising a patch and calling it an "Enhanced Edition" is that you get to have a whole bunch of new reviews made for your game. Here's a round-up of some of the Witcher EE reviews. First up is GamingTrend:
So, if you own the previous version of the game, should you jump out of your chair and pick up the Enhanced Edition? The answer is YES! Not only are there a plethora of game improvements in the Enhanced edition but the player also has the opportunity to read an excerpt from The Witcher's first book "Last Wish". I personally have read the book and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Book excerpts are always fun. Up next is PlainGames:
When a game is released, we expect it to have its flaws.

No, we fucking shouldn't expect it to have its flaws. Anyway, there's more fun in this one with:
One concern with the English version of the game was that there was not enough text to allow the player to get fully immersed into the game.

Yes, I am not immersed because there is not enough text! Anyway, third up is GamersTemple:
Everybody else, buy this game! It's the best, most serious, fun, beautiful RPG I've played in a long time. Its only fault now is really its peculiar trophy approach to sex, a product of a slightly different culture than our own puritanical one. I don't have a problem with lots of sex, just with collecting cards depicting your partners nearly nude. It's bizarre.

Fourth is ArmChairEmpire:
Overall, The Witcher was a game which strived for the peaks of the highest mountains, but only reached the base camp. This is still an accomplishment and the game is certainly good, it just never quite reaches the rarefied air it strove so hard for.

Finally, we have the dirty Russians over at
On the other hand, despite the improvements brought, the frequency of the CTDs still remains a serious motive for hitting the table and swearing for the lost time since the last save. At the same time, although the game is generally more fluid, the framerate drops are still severe during the scenes populated with many NPC, which shows the technological limits of the Aurora engine related to its scalability against the increased performance of modern PCs.

No, stop playing it on your dodgy Russian PC you nub. :honourblade:

Spotted @ RPGWatch, GameBanshee

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