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New Witcher trailer and some misc info

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New Witcher trailer and some misc info

Preview - posted by Jinxed on Sun 8 May 2005, 23:49:24

Tags: CD Projekt; Witcher, The

A Witcher dev, Mike, has posted some information about the inner works of the upcoming Polish RPG game, The Witcher. Here's one of of the posts.

There is a lot of freedom. You can walk wherever you want and attack whoever you like. But the main plot is driven more like in KOTOR with dozens of cutscenes (nearly 200). So the game combing freedom (and fun of it as it was Fallouts) with a strong non liniear main plot which was rather missed in Morrowind.


PS we design it for 16+, so content is for mature people in all means (language, brutality, alcohol & drugs like potions, erotic). But don't understand me wrong those things are not overexposed in the game to get an addiotional attention. The world of the witcher was described just like that by the author and this is a part of its flavour.​
I'm not a very big fan of cutscenes in RPG games. In my opinion, developers should really minimize the amount, reducing them to an introduction and an end game cutscene. I hope they make those cutscenes skipable.

You can read the entire discussion here. There is also a trailer that's actually a trailer of the one that will be shown on E3 available for download here.
Thanks a whole bunch, Przeszkod!

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