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The Witcher Enhanced Edition - new release date

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The Witcher Enhanced Edition - new release date

Game News - posted by Ausir on Wed 18 June 2008, 16:07:18

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CD Projekt RED has announced a new release date for the delayed Enhanced Edition of The Witcher:

CD Projekt RED would like to announce that the release date of The Witcher Enhanced Edition has been finally set. Consequently, the vastly improved edition of the acclaimed CD Projekt RED's magnum opus has been set for the first half of September 2008. Setting the release
date for September results from the requirement of polishing all ten language versions and releasing The Witcher Enhanced Edition in all languages at the same time. The Enhanced Edition by itself will be a deluxe one, containing a lot of additional content not available in the basic version of the game.

The exclusive edition of The Witcher apart from the game dvd will also consist of a video dvd, a bonus materials dvd (among all D'jinni the adventure editor and 2 official adventures "The price of neutrality" and "Side effects"), the game soundtrack as well as a music cd with music inspired by the game. The new content and improvements will be available to registered users of the game free-of-charge.​
They also released a picture of the Polish version of the EE:
<Center>/images/news/The Witcher EE visual2_thumb.jpg</center>

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