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Witcher Week continues at IGN

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Witcher Week continues at IGN

Preview - posted by Spazmo on Tue 25 April 2006, 19:51:25

Tags: CD Projekt; Witcher, The

IGN have posted a preview that explains how the folks at CDProjekt put together a location for The Witcher.

We did not want the city to look new — after all, it is meant to be ancient — so every fragment of a wall or pavement bears the signs of usage. You are able to see water stains on the walls, chipped bits of plaster and pieces of dung or hay stuck between the stones on the streets. Places with limited access, such as the tiny alleys and places where the walls are joined with the ground, are darker to seem damp and cold. When we were placing the houses, we were careful not to place them at right angles. We destroyed the symmetry and regularity wherever we could. It gave the impression of a primitive street plan, when compared to a modern one. The houses were built of beams and stone, but they appear solid and artistic.​
Captivating. Do go and look at the screenshots, though, and check out the fantastic light bloom.

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