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Witcher guys interviewed

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Witcher guys interviewed

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 7 December 2004, 03:35:48

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We've posted an interview with CD Projekt talking about their upcoming Aurora engine powered CRPG, The Witcher. Here's a bit of it:

3. Why have you decided to work with BioWare? Why did you use the Aurora engine instead of your own one?

Our cooperation with BioWare has a long history. It has all started with our publishing of their game "Shattered Steel" in Poland. Then we got to know each other better while localizing Baldur's Gate, which was by the way one of the best selling games in the history of Polish game industry.

As for choosing Aurora, it started in the E3 trade show i 2003. We visited the BioWare booth to see their new games, and although we were already looking for available engines, we didn't come up with asking BioWare. And then we med Diarmid, which told us that they're thinking of licensing Aurora. Two months later we were testing 4 engines, including Aurora.

The choice was much easier than we thought. The biggest advantage of Aurora was the amount of tools for creating cRPGs, and this was the most important feature to us. Spectacular graphics were not as important. We knew that we would have to practically make the graphics engine from scratch anyway to make it fit our vision of the game. I hope it's visible in the screenshots that our modifying of Aurora is going smoothly. We also achieved the graphics quality comparable to FPP games, and The Witcher uses an isometric camera view! We went so far with our modifications that it turned out that there are few games with graphics as detailed and immersive as ours, and we are of course very happy about it.

Choosing Aurora also gave us another chance of working with BioWare, the maker of the best RPGs!​

Damn slippery slopes.

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