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The Witcher dev blogs at IGN

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The Witcher dev blogs at IGN

None - posted by Ausir on Tue 18 December 2007, 01:27:44

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CD Projekt devs have set up 5 blogs about the development of The Witcher at IGN. The same blogs are also available in Polish at CD Projekt's own gram.pl.

Kasia Kuczyñska - designer
On the blog written by Katarzyna Kuczyñska you will learn about designers life from the inside. She’s responsible for implementing main story in “The Witcher”. You’ll learn what “crunch time” is, you’ll read about the secrets of creating individual acts in the game, secrets of game designer’s work and about many curiosities connected with creating “The Witcher”.

Daniel Sadowski - engine programmer
What’s going on in “The Witcher” – i.e. producing the game from the point of view of a programmer. What is the legendary RED Aquarium? What’s its story and who are its inhabitants? How were various game elements made? Who is the most savage table footballer? These and many more questions will be answered on Daniel Sadowski’s blog.

Piotr Chomiak - senior animator
Peep at RED’s graphic artists’ work! Here, you’ll learn everything about their work organisation and technical side of creating graphics and animation.

£ukasz Mach - PR manager
Anarchist armed forces of CD Projekt RED. A bit about “The Witcher”, a bit about the author, a bit about author’s relation to “The Witcher” (say what???). Totally non-PR blog of a PR guy working on “The Witcher” project. No waffling on, no publicity, no nothing… or something like that… ha ha.

Piotr Szymañski - QA specialist
If you think, that a tester’s life is playing “The Witcher” 8 h/day, my blog will probably free your minds from this erroneous idea. The whole truth about game testing, which is peculiar survival in the abyss of a developers studio, served with a right pinch of irony and black humour, under the “grey” RED reality dressing.

The list of blogs is available here and according to CD Projekt, more might be available in the future.

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