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GameBanshee Game of the Year Awards

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GameBanshee Game of the Year Awards

Review - posted by Ausir on Wed 16 January 2008, 04:11:58

Tags: CD Projekt; Witcher, The

GameBanshee has published its 2007 Game of the Year Awards. The main RPG of the Year award goes to CD Projekt's The Witcher:

Even though we had witnessed more than one demonstration of The Witcher before release, we really weren’t prepared for just how good CD Projekt’s CRPG was going to be. Simply put, the game excels in virtually every area that a role-playing game should. In addition to featuring an excellent story in the believable world of Temeria, The Witcher offers tough player choices, a large number of meaningful NPCs, a well-constructed character development system, and a unique and interactive combat system. To sweeten the deal, the game was surprisingly stable and well localized when compared to the many other European titles we’ve seen in recent years.

And so, despite the fact that it was the publisher’s first attempt at game development and was built around BioWare’s dated Aurora engine, The Witcher succeeded in surpassing our expectations and is an easy pick for our RPG of the Year.​
Other categories include Best Story/Writing (Mass Effect), Best Original Setting (BioShock), Best Graphics (BioShock), Best Sound/Music (BioShock), Disappointment of the Year (Mass Effect), Independent RPG of the Year (Geneforge 4) Action RPG of the Year (Titan Quest: Immortal Throne). You can read more about those and the runners up here.

Cheers, Hazelnut!

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