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Witcher chitchat also at Gamecloud

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Witcher chitchat also at Gamecloud

Interview - posted by Spazmo on Fri 20 May 2005, 14:56:57

Tags: CD Projekt; Piotr Panasewicz; Witcher, The

Gamecloud's folks also had a word with Piotr Panasewicz from the Witcher team.

Gamecloud - First, The Witcher was first announced at E3 2004. How has the progress on the game come along since then?

Piotr Panasewicz - We have made great progress with the game! First of all, having shown the game at E3, we finally started believing in ourselves. And although The Witcher is our first project, we are certain that we’re able to create a truly magnificent RPG game. The faith we gained allowed us to persuade the CD Projekt management to highly increase the game’s budget. This, in consequence, led us to devoting more time to details and, what’s more important, hiring a group of additional specialists. Not a year ago, during E3, CD Projekt Red consisted of 15 people, now it comprises a group of 42, and that is quite a number, isn’t it? What is more, we have managed to recruit the best and most experienced of the best. Just to give you an example, our management team was joined by Bartosz Gulik, a former Microsoft specialist, who supervised such productions as Dungeon Siege. Apart from possessing immense knowledge of electronic entertainment, Bartosz will assure that the game is adjusted and suited for the US market, on which CD Projekt has considerably little experience.​
Oh boy! A guy from Dungeon Siege! Bah, where'd those booth babes go...
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