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CD Projekt RED loses Artur Ganszyniec

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CD Projekt RED loses Artur Ganszyniec

Company News - posted by Jason on Sun 7 March 2010, 22:17:46

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GameBanshee bears word that Artur Ganszyniec, lead story designer on boob inspector sim The Witcher, is no longer a part of CD Projekt RED. From LinkedIn:

Principal Designer
CD Projekt RED

(Privately Held; Computer Games industry)

January 2008 — February 2010 (2 years 2 months)

- story design (form the overall concept to particular quests and scenes)
- working on the game vision
- project management
- managing the design & implementation team
- designing tools used in by the implementation team
- writing dialogues​

Thanks to Andhaira for the tip

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