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A Christian review of The Witcher

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A Christian review of The Witcher

Review - posted by Ausir on Wed 20 February 2008, 23:03:34

Tags: CD Projekt; Witcher, The

After seeing The Witcher flamed by the Jews, I wanted to see what Christians fundies think of the game. I was surprised to see a Christian reviewer at Plain Games... actually like it.

There’s no doubt The Witcher is a game created specifically for mature audiences, covering the not so happy side of fantasy; though a deep and complex story will draw players in and the game’s artistic style shows through in the graphical detail and character model movements. We did run into a few bugs here and there and some further polish would go a long way for The Witcher, but the game is able to stand on its own. Its immense size and non-linear questing allow players to experience the game in the way they wish to play and three unique endings give the developers room to accommodate for the player’s actions throughout the game. While not a great moral achievement, The Witcher stands out as a deep role-playing experience few other games are able to touch.​
What I find hilarious is that they ranked the sexuality content as 3/5, while the same reviewers gave Mass Effect 5/5 in the same category for homosexual content. Looks like, while they don't like the sexual content in The Witcher, they appreciate the sex being straight. You can read the rest of the review here.

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