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The Fall dev diary #8 at RPGVault

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The Fall dev diary #8 at RPGVault

Preview - posted by Spazmo on Wed 8 September 2004, 22:07:21

Tags: Fall: Last Days of Gaia; Silver Style

RPG Vault presents the eight installment of their series of dev diaries by the guys and one gal who looks like a guy at Silver Style about their perhaps upcoming post-apoc RPG The Fall. Technical Director Sebastian Tusk discusses the game's modding capabilities.

Howdy! Today, we're going to talk about how mods for The Fall - The Last Days of Gaia can be developed as well as our support for and by the community. I'll explain what can be coded, how it is done and, in addition, give an easy example to illustrate what it will look like.

What can be modded? Almost everything! The more complicated things naturally require some experience on your part; however, as you will see, it will not be overly difficult to achieve lesser changes.​
Well, that's real keen, but why mod a bad game until you like it when you can just play a good game to begin with?
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