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Tower of DOOOOOOM 0.0.4 is available

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Tower of DOOOOOOM 0.0.4 is available

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 13 September 2004, 02:55:10

Tags: Warp Rogue

Tower of Doom, a Warhammer 40k inspired rogue-like, has been updated to version 0.0.4 if you're looking for a rogue-like with some sci-fi bits. Here's a bit on the update:


+ added new basic careers:
- Space Marine Neophyte
- Ganger

+ added new advanced careers:
- Space Marine Initiate
- Space Marine Brother
- Seasoned Space Marine
- Veteran Space Marine
- Gang Leader

+ added new characters (enemies)
- Genestealer
- Baracus, The Undercity Slaughterer
- Chaos Marine

+ added new character attributes
- Natural Armour 2
- Claws
- Iron Skin


+ In some cases NPCs could run through doors without opening them. Fixed.
+ Spelling error "diseaseds". Fixed.
+ Fixed various code bugs which caused random crashes.
+ the "wall warts" feature has been temporally removed because it was buggy.
+ Iron Skin stacked (it shouldn't!). Fixed.​

NPCs running through closed doors just makes them SCARIER!

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