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GameSpy does CRPGs for Autumn

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GameSpy does CRPGs for Autumn

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 15 September 2004, 12:19:16

Tags: Dungeon Lords; DW Bradley

GameSpy has done up a multipage minipreview dealie about the games coming out this Autumn, including this page on the CRPGs. They cover Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines, Knights of the Old Republic 2, and Dungeon Lords. They even provide some wacky predictions about each one, which only adds to the drivel factor we all love about GameSpy! Here's the part about Dungeon Lords, since it's the easiest to poke fun at:

Had we gotten word of this game two years ago, we might have dismissed it as just another generic action/RPG. Two things have happened since then. First, Dreamcatcher, a company better known for it's adventure games, proved it has action-game chops as well with the release of the remarkably fun old-school FPS Painkiller. Second, this may be the comeback game for D.W. Bradley, the creator of the Wizardry series. Bradley's been out of the public eye for some time after his disastrous last game, but he still knows RPGs and he's still got tons of retro street cred. Dreamcatcher's proven that it has an eye for good gameplay, so if they see something special in Bradley's action/RPG Dungeon Lords, who are we to say no?​

Firstly, Dreamcatcher released Harbinger, which is enough to make me question anything action RPG they decide to publish. I like small and hungry companies, but that game was the pits.

Secondly, any retro street credz D.W. Bradley might have had before he started work on this game have been expunged with each and every interview the man's done.

Spotted at: Voodoo Extreme

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