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Restricted Area est das GUULD!

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Restricted Area est das GUULD!

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 16 September 2004, 04:59:15

Tags: Restricted Area

Just got word from Jan Bueck that Restricted Area has gone GOLD, at least in Germany. Here's the release:

(Hamburg, Germany, September 16th, 2004) - Master Creating, an independent game development studio, today announced that the highly anticipated action-roleplaying game RESTRICTED AREA has gone gold and that game has been set for release October 1st, 2004 (in Germany).

Four unique characters, each with a detailed back-story, progress independently through the same narrative; the story is revealed from various angles – a refreshing break from the typical, single-narrative form of most RPGs. Darkly atmospheric and built upon addictive gameplay, RESTRICTED AREA´S dramatic storyline and incredible action will draw gamers into the most intense, frightening and gripping RPG gaming experience ever created.

More information:
German: www.restrictedarea.de
English: www.restricted-area.net
Okay, yeah.. I don't know a lick of German, so I faked the topic before anyone points out how awful my German is.

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