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No Mutants Allowed: Feargus Urquhart

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No Mutants Allowed: Feargus Urquhart

Interview - posted by Exitium on Mon 20 September 2004, 18:43:16

Tags: Feargus Urquhart; Obsidian Entertainment

It's about time! Feargus Urquhart has been given his very own Fallout Developer Profile with an interview from No Mutants Allowed. It's a good read, so here's a fun snippet:
Any last word to the Fallout fan base?

Chill OUT! Smile What I mean by that is that you guys might get more of what you want by accepting that Fallout 3 might never be made and to help the developers and publishers make the Fallout games they are working on successful. With a part of that success being that they follow the fell of the Fallout world. If you guys just tell them how dumb Fallout Morrowind will be than it might turn out be less of a Fallout game because people tend to ignore those that call them stupid every third word. If the Fallout games that are being made are successful then that can only increase the chance of Fallout 3 actually being made.

Personally, I can't wait to hear the responses on this one.

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