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Even more Restricted Area at RPGDot

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Even more Restricted Area at RPGDot

Interview - posted by Whipporowill on Wed 29 September 2004, 01:42:28

Tags: Jan Beuck; Restricted Area

Following hot on the heels of their Restricted Area preview, RPGDot today posted an interview with Master Creating's Creative Director - Jan Beuck. Here's a snippet:
RPGDot: Could you explain how Cyberware, Bioware and skill software work?

Jan Beuck: Cyberware and Bioware simply replace the external equipment. Want to run faster? Don´t buy new boots, buy a new leg. You are stupid? Don´t try to wear a ring - it won´t help much. Buy yourself a better brain! I guess you got the idea... ;)

Softskills are a bit more complicated to explain: If you have a cyberbrain with a dataport, you can put skillchips into it. This softskills override your real skills, so if you have a pistol skill of 3 and put a pistol softskill of 5 into your brain, you have it on 5 until you remove the chip or exchange it by a different one. Good Cyberbrains have up to 4 slots.

Finally! I bid a long awaited goodbye to adventurerers laden with bling-bling and christmas ornaments up the wazoo.

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