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The Fall Dev Diary at RPGVault

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The Fall Dev Diary at RPGVault

Development Info - posted by Spazmo on Wed 6 October 2004, 22:40:09

Tags: Fall: Last Days of Gaia; Silver Style

RPG Vault have put up the ninth developer diary about Silver Style's upcoming The Fall: Last Days of Gaia. Here, lead tester Adrian Kastorf discusses... lead testing.

Still, once in a while even a rather small problem turns out to be quite a challenge. There's a cutscene in which a character lifts off with a chopper. During a testing session, it was noted that it didn't look quite right. Roger, one of our script coders, tried to correct the issue, but every time one error was fixed, another one showed up. Sometimes, the chopper would fly off on its own, leaving the character behind. At other times, only the rotor blades did so or vice versa. He even got to the point where the character took off magically while the chopper stayed on the ground. Altogether, it took him a week until everything worked the way it was supposed to. I guess Roger won't forget that one too soon.​

Oh what wild and wacky hijinks go on behind the scenes, eh?

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