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Divine Divinity Review at RPGVault

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Divine Divinity Review at RPGVault

Review - posted by Ibbz on Sat 26 October 2002, 16:50:25

Tags: Divine Divinity

RPGVault's feature of today is a extensive review of Divine Divinity, the CRPG by Larian Studios. Overall impression is quite positive with the only downside in the reviewer's opinion being a lack of Multiplayer. Here's the conclusion:

Divine Divinity has surprising depth and variety, astonishing when one considers the developer is a relatively small company (reportedly 17 people) and did all this without a budget resembling those of other games of comparable scope. Every trip to the forum, I learned a new tactic suggested by other players, one I would never have thought of myself. While the game does crash rather frequently (perhaps once every three hours or so), this is not much of an issue for player who saves often - a habit common to most gamers.

While Divine Divinity has everything it needs to be a good game, it does lack multiplayer, which will obviously limit its appeal among players who look for and even insist upon the ability to go online and play with friends. That these individuals may never hear about, much less play Divine Divinity is most regrettable, as it is a worthy addition to any gamer's library.

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