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JE Sawyer comments on dialogues and stuff

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JE Sawyer comments on dialogues and stuff

None - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 8 November 2004, 01:36:21

Tags: Josh Sawyer

There is a discussion at Obsidian that explores dialogues and dealing with NPCs. Lotsa opinions, flames, the usual. Here is what JE Sawyer had to say on that matter:

As a similar example, in The Black Hound we could make one hundred characters on a map all look unique. Different hair, different clothing, different skin, body types -- everything. We could do this with some monsters, too. We could have populated the Goblin Fortress in IWD2 with a hundred goblins that were all slightly different from each other. The problem became focus. Walking around White Ford and seeing dozens of unique people gave people the impression that everyone was important -- or, more to the point, that no one was important. In comparison, walk around Shady Sands in Fallout. There's no doubt who's important in that town and who is not. The majority of characters have click-floats, some have full dialogues, and others have talking heads and full dialogues. Those choices aren't mistakes, and they don't really detract from the narrative. Quite to the contrary, they help establish the narrative and keep the player focused on the plot of the story.

Dynamic dialogue systems should be developed further, but only on an awesome scale. I'm talking about persistent worlds filled with thousands of NPC AIs that respond to a dynamic range of motivation values that take into account systems of oppressive surveillance/social legislation of behavior, etc. For small scale, crafted narrative games, I just don't see the point.
There is more stuff there. Check it out and discuss.

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