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Sacred Plus rambling review at Gaming Headlines

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Sacred Plus rambling review at Gaming Headlines

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 20 November 2004, 22:51:06

Tags: Sacred Plus

Gaming Headlines has posted a review of Sacred Plus. It's an interesting read, considering the subtitle for the thing is "A classic styled RPG in 2004? Just the way it should be!" So, take that as the theme of the beast. Here's a bit about the actual game, because there's not too much there about the actual game but there's paragraphs talking about Diablo 2 and other games:

The limited choice of characters is not the only similarity Sacred bears to Diablo 2, upgradeable items, class specific items, magical items, and armour sets make for other similarities - although it could be argued these are present in almost all RPGs, and indeed they are - your loot is also stashed in a Chest, not unlike the chest which is almost the first thing you see when starting a game of Diablo 2. Due to the detailed, hand crafted world in which Sacred is set randomly generated dungeons become somewhat impossible which limits the replayability of the game. Random dungeons, however, only thinly veil the fact that you are playing through the same adventure again, personally I prefer the hand-crafted world approach and a careful attention to detail giving me places to explore time and time again until all of their secrets have been revealed.​

They added random dungeon in the Plus add on? I didn't know that!

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