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Divine Divinity skills X at RPGVault

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Divine Divinity skills X at RPGVault

Game News - posted by Ibbz on Tue 29 October 2002, 07:47:46

Tags: Divine Divinity; Larian Studios

RPGVault have posted their 10th feature on the skills featured in Divine Divinity. This one cover the "Way of the warrior - Path of the Ranger" and includes quite a detailed description of various skills related to the Warrior/Ranger. Here's a piece:

Way of the Warrior - Path of the Ranger
Elven Sight (Passive)
Skill description
You can see further and thus target and attack your enemies from afar.

In-game stats
Level 1: Increase sight range by 2. Required Clvl: 1
Level 2: Increase sight range by 4. Required Clvl: 5
Level 3: Increase sight range by 8. Required Clvl: 9
Level 4: Increase sight range by10. Required Clvl: 13
Level 5: Increase sight range by 12. Required Clvl: 17
Spotted at RPGDot.

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