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Interplay's back in publishing business

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Interplay's back in publishing business

Company News - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 24 December 2004, 00:02:47

Tags: Interplay

According to the Q3 2004 report, Interplay has signed an agreement with Majorem to publish and distribute Ballerium, a MMORTS, code-named Ballshit. Here is a snipet from the press-release:

Shit development methods, shit for gameplay (oh, so it's ALL combat now...), the design concepts are so dull behind them without much tying them together other than they fight (the about page has more hype and self-fellating than actual description about the game, unless you think that should be nothing more than a descript of buildings and units like these brain-doners), the art design looks like they need someone other than a programmer creating placeholders to work in art design, it looks like they were dropped by their last publisher after a year (7th Day Entertainment, a publisher based in Taiwan), and this title has every indication of being a title typical of Herve's poor integrity around the video game industry.

Another brilliant decision by Herve. In unrelated news, Phil Adams, the president of Interplay, has resigned, and the company has lost 1.5 mil. Looks like Interplay is heading straight for the core of the planet.

Thanks, EvoG and NMA

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