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Evil Avatar reviews Divine Divinity

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Evil Avatar reviews Divine Divinity

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 30 October 2002, 05:52:44

Tags: Divine Divinity

Evil Avatar has posted a review of Divine Divinity. Not much to say other than it's a really good review that covers a great deal of the aspects of the game. Over all, the review is positive with the main negatives being voice acting and the graphics. Here's a blurb:

I also take issue with a few gameplay choices Divinity makes. Bosses, for example, are sometimes unevenly connected to their henchmen in terms of difficulty, though this seems to be related to the kind of character you have created. It can be frustrating to have spent an hour clearing an area, and then realize you’re going to have to move on and level up before facing down that one last, impossibly difficult monster. Worse still, once you are well matched against your foe, and wander back into the otherwise deserted dungeon, cave, crypt the battle which was so lopsided before becomes then anti- climactic.​

Yup, the game is a little rough at times.

Spotted over at RPGDot.

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