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Is Interplay Finally Dead?

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Is Interplay Finally Dead?

Company News - posted by Exitium on Wed 5 January 2005, 17:35:42

Tags: Interplay

According to this article at GameKult, it appears that Titus Interactive has been liquidated, along with all of its assets (including Interplay). Here's a rough translation until Spazmo or someone else who speaks good French can provide us with something better:
It is the end of the adventure for Titus Interactive . The commercial court of Meaux pronounced Monday the bankruptcy of the French editor and his subsidiary companies, Sofra Jeux (edition) and Avalon France (in the past Virgin Interactive, distribution). Interplay , the held American subsidiary company with 62,25%, is also liquidated. Placed in legal rectification on June 7, these companies had profited from a grace period until February 7, 2005. But the court decided to put an end to this deferment before the expiry: the total liability of the Titus group exceeded the 100 million euros for a sales turnover fallen to less than 20 million euros, and losses evaluated to 103 million euros in 2003. Founded in 1985, Titus knew its hours of glory at the end of the Eighties, beginning of the Nineties, with the plays of the series Crazy Cars and Prehistorik Man

Can the hour finally be at hand? I hope that this also means that Fallout Online (Codenamed FOOL) is scrapped for good, though I don't think the guys developing BAWLSerium will be too happy to hear about this.

Thanks to Pope Viper for forwarding this to me.

Update: Here's the official press release stating that Titus and all of its assets have indeed been liquidated (Thanks Teatime):
(Circle Finances) - In a report published Wednesday, the editor of video game company Titus Interactive announces that after an intermediary audience during the observation period, the Commerce Court of Meaux decided to pronounce the judicial liquidation for all the entities of the placed June 7 last Group in judicial redressement.

The corporations concerned by this decision are Titus Interactive HIS (holding company of the group), and Sofra Games SARL (editor of games), GIE Titus Interactive (administrative) and Avalon France (distribution).

Titus Interactive as well as its three affiliates had been placed at the beginning of June in redressement judicial by the Commerce Court of Meaux.

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