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RPG Vault does Divine Divinity skills part XI

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RPG Vault does Divine Divinity skills part XI

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 30 October 2002, 19:52:50

Tags: Divine Divinity

Like the title says, RPG Vault has posted DivDiv skills part XI, which are an explanation for the skills found in Divine Divinity. This time they cover Warrior Skills: The Path of the Warrior Gods. Here's a taste:

Enchant Weapon (Passive)

Skill description
Allows the caster to magically charm his weapons to enhance their damage and efficiency. Only weapons which have a certain charm quality can be charmed.

In-game stats
Level 1: Allows you to apply 1 charm. Required Clvl: 1
Level 2: Allows you to apply 2 charms. Required Clvl: 7
Level 3: Allows you to apply 3 charms. Required Clvl: 13
Level 4: Allows you to apply 4 charms. Required Clvl: 19
Level 5: Allows you to apply 5 charms. Required Clvl: 25

Learn the techniques of the few weapon smiths in existence who are able improve weapons and pieces of armor by adding special magical abilities to them. Decide which abilities you want to add: warriors might want to increase strength, mages intelligence, and survivors agility. Naturally, any class will welcome better resistances.
- Nemris, The Wise

Thanks also to Zed!

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