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Ashes rises from the...

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Ashes rises from the...

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 20 January 2005, 18:53:48

Tags: Ashes: Two Worlds Collide

Resle has made a post on our forum talking about how Ashes: Two Worlds Collide development has resumed. Here's a list of the features he discusses:

  • A huge, seamless world
  • Virtually unlimited models/textures
  • Dynamic shadows and lights
  • Scriptable events
  • Weather [rain, thunders, snow, fog, wind - sound effects]
  • Day/Night cycle
  • Npc schedules (Npcs go to sleep, do chores, wander around and so on)

Oh yeah, and there's screenshots in the thread of the progress, as well as a smallish discussion on the subject.

Hopefully one of the three mystery features will be super deluxe tactical turn based combat!

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