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COPS 2170 gets lethal force from IGN

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COPS 2170 gets lethal force from IGN

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 1 February 2005, 09:12:23

Tags: Power of Law: COPS: 2170

IGN beats COPS 2170 down with their review of the game. Their score is a 3.0/10, and they seem to hate the pointless difficulty of the game.

But the more and more you play, the more disappointing the game becomes. The turn-based system uses action points, and you will be in this mode as long as there is an enemy, somewhere, that you must eliminate. I much prefer the Fallout system, where you didn't start using action points until the enemy was at least within range. Instead, you must painfully shuffle your troops through the map, with them uttering forgettable and eventually grating lines of incidental dialogue, until you finally find the guy you need to whack. Sometimes they will be right outside your short visibility range, toss a grenade, and kill all of you, forcing a restart from the last quicksave. The quick brutality of combat in general is quite frustrating--you can die in one hit from a person you couldn't even see or be aware of a moment before. Then they move back out of range, and it becomes a matter of who sees who first. And if you get close enough to see them but don't have enough action points to fire your weapon, well, you're probably toast. Accuracy is particularly terrible in the early levels, but a direct hit from a single-projectile weapon at reasonably close range usually does the trick.​
Can't say I'm a huge fan of insta-killing from the AI, either.

Thanks, Lasakon!

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