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Games Domain UK on Arx Fatalis

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Games Domain UK on Arx Fatalis

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 1 November 2002, 01:15:11

Tags: Arx Fatalis

Games Domain UK has pecked up a lovely review of Arx Fatalis, giving it their nearly covetted Top Game designation. Here's some of the loving:

Much of the early stage of the game is taken up with melee combat, entered by hitting the tab key, then controlled with the mouse. The longer the button is held down, the stronger the blow, and most combats involve building up a strong blow, then running in quickly to deliver. The combat isn't challenging, however, and if you find yourself at an early stage facing a seemingly impossibly enemy then trust us, you've attacked the wrong thing.

This is actually one of the few flaws the game possesses. Making one mistake, like (cough), attacking the ogres you're supposed to be friends with, can spoil the game for you. We failed to find a vital path in the early stages of the game, and spent the next few hours running around the depths of the game's caverns having killed the ogres on the upper levels. From that point onwards, every ogre in the game attacked us without fail and we ended up lost and loaded up on loot in the depths of the game's caverns, quite high-level from all the killing with no idea where the story was supposed to be leading us.​

Kudos to Zed for pointing this out to me!

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