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Duck & Cover Fallout Wikipedia

Duck & Cover Fallout Wikipedia

Game News - posted by Exitium on Tue 8 February 2005, 15:36:00

Tags: Fallout

Duck & Cover has launched its own Wikipedia of our favorite computer role-playing game, Fallout, and all of the contents of its universe. It's very new, and therefore quite scarce at the moment, so it needs you to contribute what you know of the game.

They've not come up with a proper name for the Wiki yet, so feel free to add your own suggestions on the front page.

Here's what Mr. Teatime had to say:

If you're a bit lost on how to use a wiki, feel free to ask in the forum, or read the <a href=http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/MediaWiki_User's_Guide>users manual[/url].

As you'll probably notice, it's possible for someone to go in there and spam everything and delete the parts they didn't spam. Firstly, this spam is reversable so it can be undone easily. Secondly, IPs are stored and people can be banned from the wiki (and this site) if they decide they want to wreck everything, so I'm hoping that won't happen.​

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