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COPS 2170 queries from FileFront

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COPS 2170 queries from FileFront

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 9 February 2005, 01:21:40

Tags: MISTLand; Power of Law: COPS: 2170

There's a great interview with the folks at MISTLand about COPS 2170. You can tell they put a whole lot of thought in to the questions, as seen here:

Q: What enemies will players face in Cops 2170?

A: Depending on the “side” you choose you may be opposed by mutants (ex-colonists from Mars), criminal Syndicate, “bad” cops, secret service agents, rebellious civilians, robots, bio-cybernetic organisms, hired mercenaries and killer, mad scientists, and so on.​

Q. At what point will the overly generic questions piss you off?

Spotted at: VoodooExtreme

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