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Dungeon Lords community Q&A at RPGVault

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Dungeon Lords community Q&A at RPGVault

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 16 February 2005, 14:42:49

Tags: Dungeon Lords

There's an interview focusing on Dungeon Lords with user submitted questions over at RPGVault. There's also some new screenshots of the game buried throughout. Anyway, on to the fun:

Is there a balance of different solutions - stealth vs. persuasion vs. brute force? Can you sneak through areas or is combat the only way?

Mark Harwood:
The game primarily focuses on combat and spell casting - there are plenty of games that do stealth right now, and Dungeon Lords is designed as a traditional RPG, rather than trying to incorporate whatever seems popular at the moment. You'll be able to avoid some obstacles by being quick, but sneaking is not a primary focus.​
So, they're making an actiony nothin'-but combat CRPG because it's not popular at the moment? I also like the use of traditional RPG in the same guise as first ever fighting RPG.

Thanks for the link, rajajuju!

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