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TechTV reviews Arx Fatalis

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TechTV reviews Arx Fatalis

Review - posted by Ibbz on Fri 1 November 2002, 18:17:15

Tags: Arx Fatalis

TechTv has written up a review for Arx Fatalis, giving it an overall score of 4/5. They describe the visuals as "great" which contradicts somewhat with other peoples experiences:

One thing that is nailed down tight is the visual style. Every area in "Arx Fatalis" is extremely atmospheric, and in a nod to the backstory, just feels right. The human areas are relatively neat, as if they have been trying to maintain some sense of normalcy. Levels controlled by the goblins are unkempt, decaying, and feel as if much of their realm is about to collapse. Other areas from the dwarven mines to the appropriately named "Temple of Illusion" are all believably rendered and make simply walking around the levels a fun prospect. Of special note are the crypts, an eerie place where tricks, traps, and a smattering of undead are sure to jolt you in your chair more than once. If games were rated on graphics alone, "Arx Fatalis" would rank near the top.
Either way, they believe Arx Fatalis to be a fine game that "delivers solid gameplay."
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