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Dungeon Lords hype at GameChronicles

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Dungeon Lords hype at GameChronicles

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 25 February 2005, 09:33:09

Tags: Dungeon Lords

There's a preview on GameChronicles covering D.W. Bradley's Dungeon Lords, complete with a screenshot of the dialogue system. Yick. Anyway, here's more yick:

Rogues have an interesting min-game to deal with for picking locks and disarming traps. You have to click an icon with a shape on it as the matching shape is being passed by on a band above it. The bar that passes by the shapes goes faster if you do not have the skill for the lock or trap, so it is exceptionally difficult to pick a lock that your character doesn't have the skills to unlock. If you click the wrong shape at the wrong time, then you fail and if it's a trap you set it off. Different locks and traps have different levels associated with them, the higher the level, the more complex the trap and the more skill required on the part of the character AND the player in the mini-game. If you decide not to take the rogue skills you can pretty much forget about getting into some of the chests, which just means you'll have less treasure. I never encountered any critical quest items or destinations that required picking locks.​
Okay, so how is that interesting? Or even good? What's the point of raising the skill if you find out you suck at the minigame?

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