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Spectre of Diablo III

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Spectre of Diablo III

Game News - posted by Exitium on Tue 1 March 2005, 08:16:54

Tags: Blizzard Entertainment; Diablo III

Blizzard may have inadvertantly hinted towards the development of Diablo III when it announced that it was looking for a lead designer, 3d character artist, environmental technical artist and a reports and tools programmer to work at Blizzard North, the team that created the original Diablo title and its sequels, Diablo II and D2X.

GameSpy, either acting on behalf of Blizzard, making an informed guess or simply putting up a filler page has decided to launch a profile page of the aforementioned Diablo III. Whether the game is to be a true sequel to the Diablo series (which is what I'm hoping for) or nothing more than a "World of Warcraft" mmorpg spinoff, assuming related rumors are true, is anyone's guess.

I may not like what Blizzard did with WOW but the fact remains that they're one of the few companies with the budget and quality assurance, capable of delivering a solid AAA title.

Thanks for the news tip serj-.

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