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Bourgeoisie update

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Bourgeoisie update

Game News - posted by Ausir on Sat 19 March 2005, 21:19:09

Tags: Afterfall; Intoxicate Interactive

Bourgeoisie, one of the numerous Polish post-apocalyptic projects most of which are doomed to become vaporware, has updated its new website, no longer hosted at No Mutants Allowed.

First of all the project's developers - the ChickenHead Team have changed the game's official name to “Bourgeoisie: Pearl of the Wastelands”, so you can now use the nice looking B:PotW acronym instead of pondering on how the hell "Bourgeoisie" is spelt. Second of all their website has experienced a complete makeover. They've made a new layout, added a few new sections and posted some new articles and added new content to their gallery.

Beside that, the ChickenHead Team have announced that they are currently in an advanced stage of design. Their English forum is still at No Mutants Allowed.

New Screenshots:
Screenshot 1 | Screenshot 2

You can find more screenshots in their <A href=http://www.innyswiat.pl/?sekcja,17,15>new gallery[/url] if you care.

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