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Oblivion blah blah blah on Gameplay Monthly

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Oblivion blah blah blah on Gameplay Monthly

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 27 March 2005, 03:33:34

Tags: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Gameplay Monthly[/b] has tormented Ashley Cheng for some answers to important questions in [url=http://www.gameplaymonthly.com/interviews/oblivion.htm]their interview about the upcoming forth Elder Scrolls game. Questions range from Are those really screenshots? to great stuff like this:

<blockquotE>Gameplay Monthly: Tell us a bit about the character you play. Will the player be able to choose classes and/or skills?

Ashley Chunk:
Yes. This is a slam dunk no brainer for Elder Scrolls games. You play whatever character you want. We calculated that there are over 480 billion different characters you can create and play in Morrowind. For Oblivion, expect that number to go up. And when you add in the ability to customize their appearance, it becomes infinite.[/indent]
I would have enjoyed the answer more if it started with, Yes. That's the most incredibly stupid question I've been asked since the puddle thing.

Spotted at: Blue's News

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