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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Articles associated with this tag:

1-Apr-2016 RPG Codex Retrospective Review: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (2006)
22-Feb-2007 Oblivion - The Second Opinion
23-Apr-2006 Oblivion Review
1-Jun-2017 Fallout: New Vegas released on GOG (and Fallout 3 & Oblivion too)
20-Sep-2010 Oblivion - The Unoblivionated Version
13-Sep-2010 ES4: Oblivion - Nehrim Released in English
28-Jul-2010 The Elder Scrolls V: What We Want to See
29-Apr-2010 The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion Retrospective
23-Mar-2010 Memories of Oblivion
29-Aug-2009 IGN cry over spilt RPGs
16-Aug-2009 Todd Howard: 15 years of screwing up Elder Scrolls
28-Apr-2009 Back in my day we used to fight rats!
28-Apr-2009 Elder Scrolls: The Book
30-Oct-2008 2010: Elder Scrolls Odyssey V
5-Jun-2008 Yahtzee does Oblivion
7-Nov-2007 Oblivion review at PS3
4-Aug-2007 The best RPG ever made
9-Jul-2007 The quest for more money: Oblivion GotY edition
3-Jun-2007 Oblivion interview at
22-Apr-2007 Recommended Shivering Isles review
6-Apr-2007 Shivering Isles reviews overload
22-Mar-2007 Pete Hines: Oblivion delivered what was promised
17-Mar-2007 Shivering Isles interview at Onthexbox
27-Feb-2007 Oblivion headed to oblivion
23-Feb-2007 More Bethesda PR bullshit
22-Feb-2007 Pete Hines talks to Guardian
22-Feb-2007 The Codex reviews Oblivion again. It's THAT good.
21-Feb-2007 TES MMORPG? It's possible, says Pete Hines
16-Feb-2007 Todd Howard snuggles up with Game Informer
14-Feb-2007 Games Radar previews Shivering Isles
12-Feb-2007 1UP previews Shivering Isles
9-Feb-2007 Shivering Isles prevoo at GameSpy
9-Feb-2007 Oblivion review at Firing Squad - 60%
7-Feb-2007 Game Developers Choice Awards finalists
7-Feb-2007 Shivering Isles of Choices
30-Jan-2007 GamerDad examines Knights of the Nine
18-Jan-2007 Bethesda announces Shivering Isles
18-Jan-2007 Knights of the Nine so-so to AtomicGamer
1-Jan-2007 Shivering Isles - same old Oblivion, now with teh funnies!!!
4-Dec-2006 Knights of the Nine hands on at Gameplay Monthly
4-Dec-2006 Plain Games reviews Oblivion - 4.5/5
27-Nov-2006 Knights of the Nine review at Eurogamer
19-Nov-2006 Yet another 9.5 Oblivion review
15-Nov-2006 Knights of the Nine hands-on at IGN
11-Oct-2006 Todd Howard interview at IGN
19-Sep-2006 Give me 10 minute quests - a GamersInfo Editorial
3-Sep-2006 Oblivion - the best game evar. No, seriously.
29-Aug-2006 Spell Tomes - new Oblivion plug-in!
16-Aug-2006 Idiotic Oblivion review at AC
13-Jul-2006 The Vile Lair - a Bethesda story
28-Jun-2006 Making great games: Bethesda's trade-secrets revealed!
26-Jun-2006 Multiplayer Oblivion mod alpha released
6-Jun-2006 Oblivion official patch released
25-May-2006 Bethesda: Games must evolve & grow!
25-May-2006 Gavin Carter Q&A at GameProducer
25-May-2006 New Zealand loves Oblivion
23-May-2006 Oblivion Piratey Cove official mod from Bethesda
23-May-2006 Ken Rolston (Oblivion's lead designer) retirement interview
15-May-2006 Oblivion massacred by Softpedia
10-May-2006 Oblivion gives Gaming Groove a happy
6-May-2006 John Romero vs teh evil modders
6-May-2006 Just RPG reviews Oblivion - 94%
4-May-2006 Oblivion Matures
3-May-2006 First Oblivion patch released in beta
1-May-2006 Three (!) Daily Games writers review Oblivion
1-May-2006 Four Fat Chicks complain about Oblivion
1-May-2006 Oblivion and the rebirth of the Western civilization
27-Apr-2006 More Oblivion reviews
25-Apr-2006 New generation reviews Oblivion (must see to believe)
25-Apr-2006 Latest Oblivion official mod released
23-Apr-2006 Oblivion reviewed by the Codex
20-Apr-2006 Oblivion by bulletpoints
18-Apr-2006 Who you should blame for poor elements of Oblivion
16-Apr-2006 Oblivion gets GamePyre's groove back
13-Apr-2006 ... because we can't get enough Oblivion reviews
12-Apr-2006 Oblivion tickles RPGDot's fancy
10-Apr-2006 Oblivion lubbed by GamesFirst
10-Apr-2006 Oblivion EGGSELLENT to GGMania
10-Apr-2006 Oblivion sells like hotcakes!
6-Apr-2006 SA trashes Oblivion Radiant AI
5-Apr-2006 Oblivion review at - 79%
4-Apr-2006 Worthplaying says Oblivion
3-Apr-2006 Attack of the Show says Oblivion "not worth $60"
29-Mar-2006 Oblivion article at NY Times
29-Mar-2006 Gavin Carter talks to GameZone
29-Mar-2006 Computer Games disappointed with Oblivion
28-Mar-2006 Oblivion love at Just Press Play
28-Mar-2006 Oblivion scores 10/10 at Boomtown
28-Mar-2006 Oblivion blowjob competition continues! Cast your votes
28-Mar-2006 GameSpy gives Oblivion 80%
28-Mar-2006 Oblivion scores 77%
27-Mar-2006 Oblivion PURFEKT per Foo Gaming
27-Mar-2006 Oblivion loved by Strategy Informer
25-Mar-2006 Oblivion(XBox) dry humping at Eurogamer
25-Mar-2006 Oblivion spooge at GameSpot(Xbox360 version)
24-Mar-2006 Oblivion scores 5/5 at Games Domain
24-Mar-2006 Have they got no shame? Oblivion and the media
22-Mar-2006 Oblivion tickles the loins of GamesRadar
22-Mar-2006 Oblivion loved by AtomicPC
22-Mar-2006 NEWSFLASH: Oblivion released
17-Mar-2006 Oblivion Q&A with Telefragged
11-Mar-2006 Buy Oblivion music today!
10-Mar-2006 Oblivion world creation devairy at BethSoft
2-Mar-2006 Instant Classic!
2-Mar-2006 Oblivion will hit stores on March 21
1-Mar-2006 Another OMG!THIS GAEM IS SO AWSOME!!! Oblivion preview
1-Mar-2006 Pete Hines interview at Gaming Trend
1-Mar-2006 GamersMark's detailed Oblivion criticism
26-Feb-2006 Oblivion fighter quests - the IGN preview
26-Feb-2006 Oblivion preview & shitstorm at Wired Blog
25-Feb-2006 Oblivion mage quests (highly intricate stuff)
25-Feb-2006 VE plays Oblivion
25-Feb-2006 Oblivion impressions at Gamers with Jobs
25-Feb-2006 Oblivion hands-on preview at GameSpot
25-Feb-2006 Pete Hines interview at eToychest
16-Feb-2006 Oblivion podcast at Neocast
8-Feb-2006 Gavin Carter talks about Oblivion at IGN
6-Feb-2006 Oblivion Q&A at GamersHell
4-Feb-2006 Todd Howard needs help
2-Feb-2006 Oblivion sysreqs revealed
1-Feb-2006 Awesome Oblivion interview at CVG
29-Jan-2006 Another exciting Oblivion feature revealed
25-Jan-2006 Exciting Oblivion persuasion mini-game is revealed!
11-Jan-2006 The screenshots Bethesda didn't want you to see
11-Jan-2006 There is no dialogue in Oblivion according to 1UP
9-Jan-2006 Oblivion technology interview at Beyond3D
6-Jan-2006 Oblivion pregandered by GameSpy
24-Dec-2005 Oblivion prevoo at Team XBox
15-Dec-2005 Oblivion official devairy at the official site
11-Dec-2005 Oblivion overview at GameSpy
30-Nov-2005 Oblivion Q&A at Daily Game
30-Nov-2005 Steve Meister explains dumbing down in Oblivion
9-Nov-2005 Oblivion interview special: 2 in 1 news post!
7-Nov-2005 Why Oblivion is delayed
1-Nov-2005 Oblivion will wait for the next holiday season
27-Oct-2005 Choices in Oblivion
21-Oct-2005 Oblivion daily update
21-Oct-2005 Oblivion gets some Soule
20-Oct-2005 Worthplaying previews Oblivion
18-Oct-2005 Bethesda, maker of the Fallout series!
18-Oct-2005 The Oblivion preview - the drama continues
16-Oct-2005 Internet DRAMA alert! Kathode on the Oblivion screens
16-Oct-2005 Truckload of new Oblivion screens at
14-Oct-2005 Oblivion ganderings at 1Up
11-Oct-2005 IGN previews Oblivion
9-Oct-2005 Oblivion - a game for Casual Joe
5-Oct-2005 X05 Oblivion hands-on at IGN and GameSpot
2-Oct-2005 Super duper illegal Oblivion video at Playfuls
30-Sep-2005 More on Oblivion voice acting
28-Sep-2005 Oblivion Q&A at RPGamer
26-Sep-2005 Oblivion tit for tat at GameCloud
16-Sep-2005 Awesome Oblivion preview at TGSN
15-Sep-2005 Oblivion preview at Gaming Target
11-Sep-2005 Oblivion interview with Gavin
10-Sep-2005 THE Oblivion article
26-Aug-2005 Another Oblivion fan interview
18-Aug-2005 Idiotic Oblivion preview at CVG
16-Aug-2005 Best Oblivion interview evar!
15-Aug-2005 Washington Post reveals new Oblivion info!
2-Aug-2005 Pete Hines on Oblivion and Fallout.
30-Jul-2005 Oblivion tit for tat with Pete Hines at GamesPlanet
28-Jul-2005 Oblivion preview at VGL
28-Jul-2005 Gavin Carter talks about Oblivion
22-Jul-2005 Gamesradar previews Oblivion
20-Jul-2005 Oblivion Q&A at TVG
19-Jul-2005 Oblivion prefun at C&VG
14-Jul-2005 Second part of Oblivion E3 presentation MP3 availible at RPGDot
13-Jul-2005 GameSpy interview with Pete Hines on Oblivion modding
12-Jul-2005 Todd Howard's Oblivion E3 presentation at RPGDot
9-Jul-2005 Oblivion answers at GameSpot
29-Jun-2005 Oblivion scores the Best of E3 award
24-Jun-2005 Oblivion interview at
20-Jun-2005 Oblivion queries at Telefragged
8-Jun-2005 Oblivion Q&A on GCM
4-Jun-2005 Oblivion E3 hype from ConsoleGold
30-May-2005 Oblivion E3 fun at GamersInfo
25-May-2005 Combat In Oblivion: A Rebuttal to Penny Arcade
20-May-2005 Look at teh shiny graphics! - Oblivion E3 coverage
19-May-2005 Oblivion E3 impressions at GameSpot
18-May-2005 Oblivion interview at GameSpot
17-May-2005 Oblivion to be released in winter 2005
14-May-2005 Pete Hines yaps about Oblivion E3 demo
2-Apr-2005 Combat In Oblivion
27-Mar-2005 Oblivion blah blah blah on Gameplay Monthly
10-Mar-2005 Oblivion Q&A at GamesFirst!
7-Mar-2005 Content thieves at Experience Gaming recycle Oblivion fan interview
3-Mar-2005 Oblivion chit chat on Warcry
18-Feb-2005 Oblivion dev diary and screens
3-Feb-2005 Oblivion gets a co-publisher
21-Jan-2005 New Oblivion screenshots on the official site
8-Jan-2005 New Oblivion Screenshots
25-Dec-2004 Oblivion article in PC Gamer
24-Dec-2004 Two Oblivion interviews
17-Dec-2004 HomeLan Fed talks Oblivion with Ashley Cheng
16-Dec-2004 Oblivion interview, rated R
10-Dec-2004 Retarded Oblivion fan interview
9-Dec-2004 Gavin Carter promotes Oblivion
26-Nov-2004 Love bashing things with a sword? Get Oblivion!
23-Nov-2004 Oblivion Q&A on IGN
1-Nov-2004 Oblivion Screenshots
29-Oct-2004 Oblivion chit chat on GameSpot
26-Oct-2004 Steve Meister tells an Oblivion tale
26-Oct-2004 Oblivion preview at ActionTrip
23-Oct-2004 Todd Howard talks about his plans to dumb down Oblivion
23-Oct-2004 Oblivion press release stuff
22-Oct-2004 Gamespy delves into Oblivion
23-Sep-2004 GameInformer's Oblivion info
10-Sep-2004 Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion official
2-Sep-2004 Next Elder Scrolls game hinted at

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