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Pete Hines interview at Gaming Trend

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Pete Hines interview at Gaming Trend

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Wed 1 March 2006, 17:42:01

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Gaming Trend has posted an interview with Pete Hines:

How many people working on the game?
Including QA and everyone, probably close to 100...give or take a few.
Funfact #1: Only 2 people worked on Mount & Blade

What, in your mind, is the most innovative part of Oblivion?
I think it's the combination of everything. The visuals, the open-ended nature of the game, the fun of being a gladiator or a dark brotherhood assassin or a necromancer-fighting mage...and it's all in the same game, potentially at the same time.
Funfact #2: either Pete Hines doesn't have a clue what innovative means or ...

Will there ever be an Elder Scrolls compilation with the previous games?
Never. DOS-based games were not meant for today's hardware and OS options.
Funfact #3: DosBox has been downloaded 2,000,000 times

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