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6-Sep-2023 [Game News] Starfield Released
22-Aug-2023 [Game News] Gamescom 2023 Opening Night Live: Starfield and Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty
11-Jun-2023 [Game News] Microsoft Showcase 2023: Avowed, Clockwork Revolution, Starfield and Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty
8-Mar-2023 [Game News] Starfield releasing on September 6th
14-Jun-2022 [Development Info] Microsoft Extended Showcase 2022: Starfield and Pentiment
12-Jun-2022 [Game News] Microsoft Showcase 2022: Pentiment and Starfield
27-Apr-2022 [Game News] Elder Scrolls freebies on Steam
13-Jun-2021 [Game News] Microsoft E3 2021 Showcase: Starfield and The Outer Worlds 2
23-Mar-2021 [Game News] Fallout 76 Map of the Stars and Interrogate the Devs
20-Mar-2021 [Interview] Ted Peterson Talks Oblivion at 15 and Then Some
21-Sep-2020 [Company News] Bethesda acquired by Microsoft
28-May-2020 [Game News] Arx Fatalis updated for Arkane Studios 20th anniversary, free giveaway on Bethesda.net
11-Jun-2018 [Game News] Bethesda E3 2018 Press Conference: Fallout 76, Starfield, The Elder Scrolls VI
1-Jun-2017 [Game News] Fallout: New Vegas released on GOG (and Fallout 3 & Oblivion too)
15-Feb-2017 [Review] RPG Codex Retrospective Review: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (2002)
21-Nov-2016 [Interview] Chris Avellone Sugarbombed Interview, Part Two
2-Nov-2016 [Interview] Chris Avellone is still pretty mad about Obsidian
14-Jul-2016 [Mod News] Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC contains quest stolen from Codexer-developed New Vegas mod
13-Jun-2016 [Game News] Bethesda E3 2016 Conference: Fallout 4 DLC, Skyrim Special Edition, Dishonored 2, and Prey with MCA
10-Apr-2016 [Review] 13 Shocking Facts about Fallout 4 That Will Forever Change the Way You Think about RPGs
1-Apr-2016 [Review] RPG Codex Retrospective Review: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (2006)
22-Feb-2016 [Review] RPG Codex Retrospective Review: An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire (1997)
10-Nov-2015 [Game News] Fallout 4 Released
22-Sep-2015 [Editorial] RPG Codex Report: Gamescom 2015 - Project Daedalus, Hard West, XCOM 2, The Mandate and Fallout 4
26-Aug-2015 [Game News] Bethesda comes to GOG: Classic Elder Scrolls games released, Fallout trilogy returns
22-Jul-2015 [Review] RPG Codex Retrospective Review: The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall (1996)
15-Jun-2015 [Preview] Bethesda E3 2015 Conference: Fallout 4 gameplay video, coming November 10, Dishonored 2 announced
3-Jun-2015 [Game News] Fallout 4 Announced (for real this time)
13-May-2015 [Review] RPG Codex Retrospective Review: The Elder Scrolls: Arena (1994)
19-Jun-2014 [Game News] The original Fallout trilogy gets Bethesdized, re-released on Steam
31-May-2014 [Game News] Rumor Roundup: Arkane Studios, Prey 2 and System Shock 3
12-Dec-2013 [Game News] GOG Winter Sale: Herve gives Bethesda one last middle finger, gives out Fallout Trilogy for free
19-Nov-2013 [Game News] Bethesda about to announce Fallout 4?
11-Jul-2013 [Game News] Backspace: Obsidian's unproduced "Sci-Fi Skyrim"
13-Feb-2013 [Interview] Todd Howard Claims Graphics Are Important
12-Feb-2013 [Interview] Feargus Urquhart on the possibilities for a New Vegas 2
16-Jan-2013 [Information] Fallout to Become a TV Show?
2-Nov-2012 [Review] Dishonored: A Taffing Codexian Review
9-Oct-2012 [Review] Skyrim Dawnguard Review @ Gamebanshee
1-Oct-2012 [Editorial] On The Road Again: Setting Fallout 4 @ California Literary Review
20-Sep-2012 [Interview] Dishonored Interview: Players Without Clues Getting Lost
28-Aug-2012 [Game News] Build Your Own Home and Adopt Children in Skyrim's New DLC Hearthfire
9-Aug-2012 [Interview] Looking back at Looking Glass
3-Aug-2012 [Game News] Skyrim's Dawnguard DLC Now on Steam
20-Jul-2012 [Interview] Dishonored Interview with Raf Colantonio and Harvey Smith at Gamasutra
14-Jul-2012 [Game News] Dishonored's PC UI Options Revealed
27-Jun-2012 [Interview] Skyrim Dawnguard Interview
6-Jun-2012 [Preview] Dawnguard Preview at Eurogamer, New Screenshots Released
1-Jun-2012 [Game News] Dishonored Gameplay Trailer Released
31-May-2012 [Information] Skyrim DLC Dawnguard Official Trailer Released
24-May-2012 [Game News] Skyrim Update 1.6 Adds Mounted Combat
24-May-2012 [Preview] Dishonored Preview at Sneaky Bastards
11-May-2012 [Game News] Dishonored News Round-Up
3-May-2012 [Game News] The Elder Scrolls Go Online
2-May-2012 [Game News] Skyrim DLC Dawnguard Announced
23-Dec-2011 [Game News] Bethesda: Making Games for the PC Gamers
19-Dec-2011 [Game News] Skyrim sells absolute buckets
13-Dec-2011 [Interview] Skyrim, DLC, Buckets
28-Nov-2011 [Review] IGN's Skyrim Second Opinions
23-Nov-2011 [Game News] Skyrim Goodness
16-Nov-2011 [Game News] Skyrim!!
12-Nov-2011 [Game News] Skyrim - How Not to Make a PC Game
11-Nov-2011 [Review] Skyrim!
7-Nov-2011 [Game News] Skyrim Info Package
12-Oct-2011 [Editorial] Skyrim: The RPG for the Rest of Us
26-Sep-2011 [Game News] Skyrim Abilities and Perks
26-Sep-2011 [Game News] The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Details
15-Sep-2011 [Game News] Skyrim Gameplay Footage
14-Sep-2011 [Game News] Bethesda passed on a Game of Thrones title
11-Sep-2011 [Interview] Codex Exclusive - Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Interview with Bethesda
9-Sep-2011 [Preview] The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Previews
8-Sep-2011 [Preview] What's New in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim?
9-Aug-2011 [Preview] An Hour with Skyrim. It’s Amazing.
5-Aug-2011 [Company News] Bethesda Threatens Minecraft Creator Over Scrolls Name
5-Aug-2011 [Company News] Bethesda's preliminary injunction denied again
5-Aug-2011 [Preview] The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Preview
25-Jul-2011 [Editorial] 10 Things About Skyrim That Might Suck
19-Jul-2011 [Game News] Skyrim is Going to Make You its Bitch
7-Jul-2011 [Interview] Todd Howard on Skyrim
4-Jul-2011 [Interview] Skyrim Video Interview
23-Jun-2011 [Game News] Skyrim Pre-orders to Come With a Map
20-Jun-2011 [Interview] The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Video Interview
16-Jun-2011 [Interview] Skyrim: Making Fantasy a Reality
15-Jun-2011 [Preview] Skyrim Preview Bonanza
7-Jun-2011 [Game News] Skyrim's Huge Epic Fantasy Pushes Your Hardware
6-Jun-2011 [Interview] The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Q&A
19-May-2011 [Game News] You won't run out of Dragons in Skyrim
28-Apr-2011 [Interview] Getting Down And Dirty With Todd Howard
26-Apr-2011 [Game News] Five Changes from Oblivion to Skyrim
22-Apr-2011 [Preview] The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Press Event Preview Roundup
18-Apr-2011 [Preview] Skyrim Preview Extravaganza
13-Apr-2011 [Editorial] Top 10 Gods of The Elder Scrolls
12-Apr-2011 [Interview] The Elder Scrolls Multiplayer Would Lead to a Lesser Game
20-Mar-2011 [Preview] Skyrim Preview
11-Mar-2011 [Interview] Morrowinding Skyrim
9-Mar-2011 [Interview] The Elder Scrolls Interview
8-Mar-2011 [Interview] Inside The Elder Scrolls
1-Mar-2011 [Game News] Elder Scrolls V - IGN Rewind Theater
24-Feb-2011 [Game News] Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Footage
21-Feb-2011 [Preview] Skyrim Preview Tidbits
3-Feb-2011 [Game News] Todd Howard explains Skyrim
3-Feb-2011 [Company News] Beth vs. Interplay: Bethesda changes lawyers
27-Jan-2011 [Interview] The Art of Skyrim
26-Jan-2011 [Game News] The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Dark Brotherhood Returns
26-Jan-2011 [Interview] Pete Hines Interview
25-Jan-2011 [Editorial] Skyrim - Building Better Combat
21-Jan-2011 [Interview] The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dragon Shouts Explained
21-Jan-2011 [Interview] Beth vs Interplay Catfight Update
18-Jan-2011 [Game News] Skyrim: Of Havok Behaviour And Radiant Story
15-Jan-2011 [Interview] The Sounds Of Skyrim
14-Jan-2011 [Interview] Road To Skyrim: The Todd Howard Interview
13-Jan-2011 [Game News] The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Epic Info Package
10-Jan-2011 [Company News] Bethesda tried to get someone else to make a Fallout MMO?
9-Jan-2011 [Development Info] Fallout: New Vegas DLC Parade of Names
4-Jan-2011 [Game News] Fallout 3: Tales of Moria
20-Dec-2010 [Editorial] Skyrim - Why It Might Not Be Worth Your Time
16-Dec-2010 [Editorial] The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Editorials
28-Nov-2010 [Editorial] The Metaphysics of Morrowind
23-Nov-2010 [Game News] [Unconfirmed] The Elder Scrolls V in the Works
3-Nov-2010 [Game News] Fallout: New Vegas - Tips and Mods
20-Sep-2010 [Editorial] Oblivion - The Unoblivionated Version
10-Sep-2010 [Interview] Pete Hines On Fallout: New Vegas
18-Aug-2010 [Editorial] Morrowind Revisited by RPGWatch
16-Aug-2010 [Interview] Todd Howard Interview @ Eurogamer
15-Aug-2010 [Interview] Bethesda engine can't handle ladders.
28-Jul-2010 [Editorial] The Elder Scrolls V: What We Want to See
2-Jul-2010 [Interview] Irrational Interviews: Todd Howard
21-Jun-2010 [Editorial] DAC: Exploring the Secrets of VATS
9-Jun-2010 [Development Info] Fallout: New Vegas will Delete Your Porn
4-Jun-2010 [Editorial] Bethesda Explains Game Development
3-Jun-2010 [Game News] Unconfirmed: The Elder Scrolls V to be Announced at E3
10-May-2010 [Editorial] Fallout 3 Forgot the Female Protagonist
5-May-2010 [Review] Choose Your Own Fallout 3
29-Apr-2010 [Editorial] The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion Retrospective
25-Apr-2010 [Editorial] Fallout 3 Retrospective
23-Apr-2010 [Game News] Rumors of a Turn-Based Fallout Spinoff
23-Mar-2010 [Editorial] Memories of Oblivion
20-Jan-2010 [Game News] Bethesda's WoW style MMO
13-Nov-2009 [Game News] Vault Boy auctions cease and desist; Fallout Online concepts
12-Nov-2009 [Company News] Bethesda caught out in lies over Interplay case
6-Nov-2009 [Interview] Fallout is coming to the iPhone, made by John Carmack
27-Oct-2009 [Company News] Zenimax (Bethesda's parents) looking to buy Valve?
3-Oct-2009 [Editorial] Mass Effect found a way to perfect dialogue
12-Sep-2009 [Company News] Bethesda vs Interplay in the court of William M Nickerson
16-Aug-2009 [Interview] Todd Howard: 15 years of screwing up Elder Scrolls
5-Aug-2009 [Editorial] RPGWatch Reminisces About Battlespire
4-Aug-2009 [Game News] Get Your Anal Probes Ready
9-Jul-2009 [Game News] Daggerfall available for free
18-Jun-2009 [Preview] A Very Survival Horror Type Of Setting....
3-Jun-2009 [Game News] Point Lookout Media Blitz Warms Up
15-May-2009 [Game News] Original Fallouts reach #7 in NPD sales charts
14-May-2009 [Interview] Pete Hines on OXM
30-Apr-2009 [Development Info] Broken Steel Dev Diary
28-Apr-2009 [Company News] Elder Scrolls: The Book
22-Apr-2009 [Preview] Fallout 3: Broken Steel News Roundup
18-Apr-2009 [Game News] Fallout: The Movie and / or TV Show
12-Apr-2009 [Interview] Bethesda - Returning to Oblivion?
11-Mar-2009 [Preview] Planet Fallout on The Pitt.
5-Mar-2009 [Preview] The Pitt Media Blitz Starts Up
15-Feb-2009 [Game News] Fallout 3 Game of the Year. Again
14-Feb-2009 [Preview] Fallout 3 is the Pitts
1-Feb-2009 [Review] Andyman Messiah reviews Fallout 3
27-Jan-2009 [Review] Fallout 3's Silver Lining at RPG Watch
27-Jan-2009 [Interview] Todd Howard on the 3 biggest complaints of Fallout 3
20-Dec-2008 [Review] Section8 Explores Fallout 3
20-Dec-2008 [Review] Fallout 3 - The Third Degree
11-Dec-2008 [Review] Another opinion on Fallout 3
11-Dec-2008 [Information] Fallout 3 - the nth opinion
21-Nov-2008 [Review] Edward R Murrow's Dissertation on Fallout 3
21-Nov-2008 [Review] Edward R Murrow's Dissertation on Fallout 3
20-Nov-2008 [Interview] Catering for your play-style with Fallout 3 dialogue options
19-Nov-2008 [Review] Vault Dweller reviews Fallout 3 @ NMA
11-Nov-2008 [Review] Romanians review Fallout 3
9-Nov-2008 [Review] Chefe does Fallout 3
7-Nov-2008 [Game News] $300 Million for Fallout 3 as 4.7 Million units ship
2-Nov-2008 [None] Simon Parkin is a child murderer wannabe
30-Oct-2008 [None] 2010: Elder Scrolls Odyssey V
28-Oct-2008 [Review] The Life-Affirming Smell of Fallout 3
14-Oct-2008 [Game News] News Flash: Fallout 3 is a Shooter
25-Sep-2008 [Preview] Fallout 3 is weak due to skills and perks
3-Sep-2008 [Preview] Fallout 3: the Doctor is Out
20-Aug-2008 [Game News] Fallout 3 Release Date Announced
18-Aug-2008 [Interview] Pete Hines on Fallout 3 - again, again and again
13-Aug-2008 [Game News] Fallout 3 Censorship Report
8-Aug-2008 [Interview] IncGamers lose ink on Fallout 3
8-Jul-2008 [Preview] CD-Action previews Fallout 3
3-Jul-2008 [Editorial] Diablo 3 'disappointing' according to Bethesda Director
27-Jun-2008 [Community] Fallout fans analyzed. Conclusion: Not so evil?
20-Jun-2008 [Interview] Todd Howard's favourite colour
18-Jun-2008 [Interview] Pete Hines - The Love Story
29-May-2008 [None] Fallout 3 connected to Al-Quaeda
16-May-2008 [Game News] New Fallout 3 Concept Art
8-May-2008 [Game News] Inon Zur composes for Fallout 3
5-May-2008 [Interview] See Pete Hines! Fallout 3 video interview.
29-Apr-2008 [Company News] Bethesduh invades Asia with Fallout 3
11-Apr-2008 [Preview] Yet another Fallout 3 preview
7-Apr-2008 [Game News] New Fallout 3 Pics
2-Apr-2008 [Editorial] Gameplayer Australia says Fallout 3 will rock because...
20-Mar-2008 [Editorial] Bethesda: Interesting and Imaginative = Inaccessible
11-Mar-2008 [Interview] Fallout 3 Quickie on GamePro
7-Mar-2008 [Interview] Fallout 3 IS Oblivion with Guns
15-Feb-2008 [Preview] Yet another Fallout 3 preview
9-Jan-2008 [None] Fallout 3: the Technopaladins
9-Jan-2008 [None] Bethesda: Why Fallout?
3-Jan-2008 [Interview] Emil Pagliarullo interviewed by Playstation Magazine
19-Dec-2007 [Interview] Bethesda will remake a strategy game, says PCGZine
6-Dec-2007 [Game News] Super-Orcs strike again
25-Nov-2007 [None] New pics of Supermutant-orcs came to the surface
22-Nov-2007 [None] A double dose of Fallout 3 on CVG
21-Nov-2007 [None] Fallout 3 gets more and more perky
15-Nov-2007 [None] MSN previews Fallout 3
9-Nov-2007 [Interview] Fallout 3 Interview on IGN
7-Nov-2007 [Review] Oblivion review at PS3
2-Nov-2007 [Company News] The end of Elder Scrolls?
30-Oct-2007 [Preview] Fallout 3 preview at TVG
19-Oct-2007 [Interview] NMA discusses Fallout 3 with Desslock
11-Oct-2007 [Interview] Some moron interviews Pete Hines
5-Oct-2007 [Interview] Oblivion - spiritual successor to Fallout!
1-Oct-2007 [Interview] Fallout 3 interview at GameShark
17-Sep-2007 [Interview] Bethesda fires back! Massive casualties reported!
14-Sep-2007 [Game News] Share Fallout 3 with someone SPECIAL!
11-Sep-2007 [Interview] The flaming sword of Fallout
5-Sep-2007 [Interview] Fallout 3 Q&A with Emil at GameTap
31-Aug-2007 [Interview] Gavin Carter sells Fallout 3 to the Codex
30-Aug-2007 [Interview] Fallout 3 interview at EuroGamer
30-Aug-2007 [Preview] The wonderful world of Fallout 3
29-Aug-2007 [Interview] Fallout 3 lead character artist interview
28-Aug-2007 [Preview] Massive Fallout 3 coverage at NMA
28-Aug-2007 [Game News] Emil explains the dialogue comments
25-Aug-2007 [Interview] Fallout 3 Q&A with the Right Questions but Wrong Answers
24-Aug-2007 [Game News] Fallout 3 award list
24-Aug-2007 [Interview] Pete Hines interview at GameStar
4-Aug-2007 [Review] The best RPG ever made
3-Aug-2007 [Game News] Welcome back to Fallout!
3-Aug-2007 [Interview] Emil Pagliarulo: Fallout was real time!
27-Jul-2007 [Preview] Bethesda nails Fallout
26-Jul-2007 [Interview] Interesting Fallout 3 interview at Spong
24-Jul-2007 [Editorial] NMA complains about media whores
24-Jul-2007 [Preview] Fallout humor lives!
23-Jul-2007 [Preview] How many nukes does it take to kill a mutant?
20-Jul-2007 [Interview] Emil Pagliarulo interview at Strategy Core
19-Jul-2007 [Preview] What is Fallout 3?
19-Jul-2007 [Preview] Todd Howard overwhelms you with his density
18-Jul-2007 [Preview] Jeff Green assures us that Fallout 3 is in the right hands
17-Jul-2007 [Preview] We already have Fallout 1, let's try something different now!
14-Jul-2007 [Preview] Fallout 3 - that's some funny violence!
14-Jul-2007 [Preview] Fallout 3 is fun at Games Are Fun!
13-Jul-2007 [Preview] A truly idiotic Fallout 3 article - read it your own risk
12-Jul-2007 [Preview] Fallout 3 hits E3!
9-Jul-2007 [Game News] The quest for more money: Oblivion GotY edition
4-Jul-2007 [Interview] Informative Fallout 3 interview at Eurogamer
3-Jul-2007 [Company News] How to make friends and influence previews
2-Jul-2007 [Preview] But wait! There is more...
2-Jul-2007 [Preview] Fallout 3 is turn-based!
1-Jul-2007 [Interview] More Fallout 3 info - Critical Hits Q&A
1-Jul-2007 [Preview] This you've gotta see - IGN FO3 preview
1-Jul-2007 [Preview] Fallout 3 previews at Voodoo Extreme
1-Jul-2007 [Preview] Fallout 3 preview at Next Generation
1-Jul-2007 [Preview] If you thought that the nuclear catapult was bad...
30-Jun-2007 [Preview] Fallout 3 preview at Game Revolution
29-Jun-2007 [Company News] Bethesda starts a blog!
26-Jun-2007 [Interview] Game Informer's Fallout 3 Q&A
21-Jun-2007 [Editorial] NMA takes a good look at Fallout 3
21-Jun-2007 [Editorial] Calling Fallout 3 into question(s)
21-Jun-2007 [Editorial] Reason to be Pessimistic?
20-Jun-2007 [Game News] How about some more Fallout 3 insanity?
17-Jun-2007 [Game News] Bethesda answers questions and calms fears
17-Jun-2007 [Editorial] Some thoughts on the Fallout 3 article
16-Jun-2007 [Game News] The Fallout Game Informer article
9-Jun-2007 [Editorial] Bethesda developer explains why TB is obsolete
7-Jun-2007 [Game News] FO3 article at GameDaily
7-Jun-2007 [None] GameSpot's thoughts on Fallout 3
6-Jun-2007 [None] The most idiotic developer's profile
6-Jun-2007 [None] Games for Windows reaction to FO3 trailer
5-Jun-2007 [Preview] Hype Machine 1, Fallout fans Nil
3-Jun-2007 [Interview] Oblivion interview at Geek.com
24-May-2007 [Game News] Todd Howard talks about Fallout
24-May-2007 [Game News] Steve Meister on the Fallout concept art
22-May-2007 [Development Info] Bethesda inflate the Fallout 3 bubble
9-May-2007 [Company News] Bethesda to Fallout PnP: Cease and desist
8-May-2007 [Development Info] Fallout fans ask - Who's your daddy?. Bethesda Answers.
2-May-2007 [None] Bethesda tease us, tease us, tease us 'til we lose control
22-Apr-2007 [Review] Recommended Shivering Isles review
22-Apr-2007 [Editorial] Matt Peckham on Bethesda's Fallout
22-Apr-2007 [Development Info] Fallout 3: Who's who
20-Apr-2007 [Interview] I saw a Fallout 3 interview the other day
20-Apr-2007 [Editorial] Bethesda & Fallout: The DAC perspective
18-Apr-2007 [Game News] Bethesda opens Fallout 3 forums
6-Apr-2007 [Review] Shivering Isles reviews overload
27-Mar-2007 [Interview] Pete Hines on Fallout 3
22-Mar-2007 [Interview] Pete Hines: Oblivion delivered what was promised
21-Mar-2007 [Company News] I hear the Bethesda guild is recruiting
17-Mar-2007 [Interview] Shivering Isles interview at Onthexbox
15-Mar-2007 [Review] TES: Arena retrospective at RPG Watch
27-Feb-2007 [Game News] Oblivion headed to oblivion
23-Feb-2007 [Interview] More Bethesda PR bullshit
22-Feb-2007 [Interview] Pete Hines talks to Guardian
22-Feb-2007 [Review] The Codex reviews Oblivion again. It's THAT good.
22-Feb-2007 [Review] Oblivion - The Second Opinion
22-Feb-2007 [None] Todd Howard's quote of the day
21-Feb-2007 [Interview] TES MMORPG? It's possible, says Pete Hines
20-Feb-2007 [Interview] Pete Hines interview at Edge
16-Feb-2007 [Interview] Spong interviews the Father of Lies
14-Feb-2007 [Preview] Games Radar previews Shivering Isles
12-Feb-2007 [Preview] 1UP previews Shivering Isles
10-Feb-2007 [Company News] Bethesda needs YOU to manage their community
9-Feb-2007 [Review] Oblivion review at Firing Squad - 60%
9-Feb-2007 [None] STG interview at NMA
8-Feb-2007 [Interview] Fallout 3 interview at Shacknews
7-Feb-2007 [Game News] Game Developers Choice Awards finalists
7-Feb-2007 [Preview] Shivering Isles of Choices
30-Jan-2007 [Review] GamerDad examines Knights of the Nine
19-Jan-2007 [Game News] Fallout 3 update
18-Jan-2007 [Game News] Bethesda announces Shivering Isles
18-Jan-2007 [Review] Knights of the Nine so-so to AtomicGamer
1-Jan-2007 [Game News] Shivering Isles - same old Oblivion, now with teh funnies!!!
4-Dec-2006 [Review] Knights of the Nine hands on at Gameplay Monthly
4-Dec-2006 [Review] Plain Games reviews Oblivion - 4.5/5
27-Nov-2006 [Review] Knights of the Nine review at Eurogamer
22-Nov-2006 [Game News] Oblivion modders will design Fallout 3 dungeons!
19-Nov-2006 [Review] Yet another 9.5 Oblivion review
15-Nov-2006 [Preview] Knights of the Nine hands-on at IGN
11-Oct-2006 [Interview] Todd Howard interview at IGN
10-Sep-2006 [Game News] Shivering Isles - Oblivion expansion?
3-Sep-2006 [Game News] Oblivion - the best game evar. No, seriously.
29-Aug-2006 [Game News] Spell Tomes - new Oblivion plug-in!
16-Aug-2006 [Review] Idiotic Oblivion review at AC
13-Jul-2006 [Game News] The Vile Lair - a Bethesda story
28-Jun-2006 [Company News] Making great games: Bethesda's trade-secrets revealed!
6-Jun-2006 [Game News] Oblivion official patch released
25-May-2006 [Company News] Bethesda: Games must evolve & grow!
25-May-2006 [Interview] Gavin Carter Q&A at GameProducer
25-May-2006 [Review] New Zealand loves Oblivion
23-May-2006 [Interview] Ken Rolston (Oblivion's lead designer) retirement interview
6-May-2006 [Editorial] John Romero vs teh evil modders
6-May-2006 [Review] Just RPG reviews Oblivion - 94%
4-May-2006 [Game News] Oblivion Matures
3-May-2006 [Game News] First Oblivion patch released in beta
1-May-2006 [Review] Three (!) Daily Games writers review Oblivion
1-May-2006 [Review] Orrery (Oblivion's add-on) review at ESF
1-May-2006 [Review] Four Fat Chicks complain about Oblivion
1-May-2006 [Editorial] Oblivion and the rebirth of the Western civilization
27-Apr-2006 [Review] More Oblivion reviews
25-Apr-2006 [Review] New generation reviews Oblivion (must see to believe)
25-Apr-2006 [Game News] Latest Oblivion official mod released
23-Apr-2006 [Review] Oblivion reviewed by the Codex
23-Apr-2006 [Review] Oblivion Review
20-Apr-2006 [Review] Oblivion by bulletpoints
6-Apr-2006 [Review] SA trashes Oblivion Radiant AI
5-Apr-2006 [Review] Oblivion review at AG.ru - 79%
4-Apr-2006 [Review] Worthplaying says Oblivion
3-Apr-2006 [Review] Attack of the Show says Oblivion "not worth $60"
29-Mar-2006 [Interview] Gavin Carter talks to GameZone
29-Mar-2006 [Review] Computer Games disappointed with Oblivion
28-Mar-2006 [Review] Oblivion scores 10/10 at Boomtown
28-Mar-2006 [Review] Oblivion blowjob competition continues! Cast your votes
28-Mar-2006 [Review] GameSpy gives Oblivion 80%
28-Mar-2006 [Review] Oblivion scores 77%
24-Mar-2006 [Review] Oblivion scores 5/5 at Games Domain
24-Mar-2006 [Review] Have they got no shame? Oblivion and the media
22-Mar-2006 [Game News] NEWSFLASH: Oblivion released
2-Mar-2006 [Editorial] Instant Classic!
2-Mar-2006 [Game News] Oblivion will hit stores on March 21
1-Mar-2006 [Preview] Another OMG!THIS GAEM IS SO AWSOME!!! Oblivion preview
1-Mar-2006 [Interview] Pete Hines interview at Gaming Trend
1-Mar-2006 [Preview] GamersMark's detailed Oblivion criticism
26-Feb-2006 [Preview] Oblivion fighter quests - the IGN preview
26-Feb-2006 [Preview] Oblivion preview & shitstorm at Wired Blog
25-Feb-2006 [Game News] Oblivion mage quests (highly intricate stuff)
25-Feb-2006 [Preview] VE plays Oblivion
25-Feb-2006 [Preview] Oblivion impressions at Gamers with Jobs
25-Feb-2006 [Preview] Oblivion hands-on preview at GameSpot
25-Feb-2006 [Interview] Pete Hines interview at eToychest
24-Feb-2006 [Interview] Hilarious Oblivion/Fallout 3 audio interview
16-Feb-2006 [Interview] Oblivion podcast at Neocast
13-Feb-2006 [Interview] Pete Hines on Fallout 3
8-Feb-2006 [Interview] Gavin Carter talks about Oblivion at IGN
6-Feb-2006 [Interview] Oblivion Q&A at GamersHell
4-Feb-2006 [Interview] Todd Howard needs help
2-Feb-2006 [Game News] Oblivion sysreqs revealed
1-Feb-2006 [Interview] Awesome Oblivion interview at CVG
29-Jan-2006 [Game News] Another exciting Oblivion feature revealed
25-Jan-2006 [Interview] Exciting Oblivion persuasion mini-game is revealed!
11-Jan-2006 [Preview] The screenshots Bethesda didn't want you to see
11-Jan-2006 [Preview] There is no dialogue in Oblivion according to 1UP
9-Jan-2006 [Interview] Oblivion technology interview at Beyond3D
11-Dec-2005 [Preview] Oblivion overview at GameSpy
9-Dec-2005 [Interview] Why Morrowind sucked - the Douglas Goodall interview
30-Nov-2005 [Game News] Steve Meister explains dumbing down in Oblivion
23-Nov-2005 [Company News] Do YOU want to make Fallout games?
9-Nov-2005 [Interview] Oblivion interview special: 2 in 1 news post!
1-Nov-2005 [Game News] Oblivion will wait for the next holiday season
27-Oct-2005 [Preview] Choices in Oblivion
21-Oct-2005 [Preview] Oblivion daily update
20-Oct-2005 [Preview] Worthplaying previews Oblivion
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18-Oct-2005 [Game News] The AG.ru Oblivion preview - the drama continues
16-Oct-2005 [Game News] Internet DRAMA alert! Kathode on the Oblivion screens
16-Oct-2005 [Preview] Truckload of new Oblivion screens at AG.ru
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5-Oct-2005 [Preview] X05 Oblivion hands-on at IGN and GameSpot
16-Sep-2005 [Preview] Awesome Oblivion preview at TGSN
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10-Sep-2005 [Preview] THE Oblivion article
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15-Aug-2005 [Editorial] Washington Post reveals new Oblivion info!
2-Aug-2005 [Interview] Pete Hines on Oblivion and Fallout.
30-Jul-2005 [Interview] Oblivion tit for tat with Pete Hines at GamesPlanet
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28-Jul-2005 [Interview] Gavin Carter talks about Oblivion
22-Jul-2005 [Preview] Gamesradar previews Oblivion
20-Jul-2005 [Interview] Oblivion Q&A at TVG
14-Jul-2005 [Game News] Second part of Oblivion E3 presentation MP3 availible at RPGDot
13-Jul-2005 [Interview] GameSpy interview with Pete Hines on Oblivion modding
12-Jul-2005 [Game News] Todd Howard's Oblivion E3 presentation at RPGDot
1-Jul-2005 [Company News] Bethesda is hiring questy people
29-Jun-2005 [Game News] Oblivion scores the Best of E3 award
24-Jun-2005 [Interview] Oblivion interview at Games.net
22-Jun-2005 [Editorial] How Morrowind changed the world
8-Jun-2005 [Interview] Oblivion Q&A on GCM
25-May-2005 [Game News] Combat In Oblivion: A Rebuttal to Penny Arcade
20-May-2005 [Preview] Look at teh shiny graphics! - Oblivion E3 coverage
19-May-2005 [Preview] Oblivion E3 impressions at GameSpot
18-May-2005 [Interview] Oblivion interview at GameSpot
17-May-2005 [Game News] Oblivion to be released in winter 2005
17-May-2005 [Game News] Fallout 3 will be at E3?
16-May-2005 [Game News] MSFD's cryptic prophecy of the day
14-May-2005 [Game News] Pete Hines yaps about Oblivion E3 demo
2-Apr-2005 [Editorial] Combat In Oblivion
1-Apr-2005 [Company News] Bethesda hiring for positions
7-Mar-2005 [Interview] Content thieves at Experience Gaming recycle Oblivion fan interview
18-Feb-2005 [Game News] Oblivion dev diary and screens
4-Feb-2005 [Interview] DAC Interviews Todd Howard
3-Feb-2005 [Game News] Oblivion gets a co-publisher
27-Jan-2005 [Company News] Pete Hines Clears Things Up
21-Jan-2005 [Game News] New Oblivion screenshots on the official site
8-Jan-2005 [Game News] New Oblivion Screenshots
25-Dec-2004 [Game News] Oblivion article in PC Gamer
24-Dec-2004 [Interview] Two Oblivion interviews
17-Dec-2004 [Interview] HomeLan Fed talks Oblivion with Ashley Cheng
16-Dec-2004 [Interview] Oblivion interview, rated R
10-Dec-2004 [Interview] Retarded Oblivion fan interview
9-Dec-2004 [Interview] Gavin Carter promotes Oblivion
26-Nov-2004 [Interview] Love bashing things with a sword? Get Oblivion!
1-Nov-2004 [Game News] Oblivion Screenshots
26-Oct-2004 [Development Info] Steve Meister tells an Oblivion tale
26-Oct-2004 [Preview] Oblivion preview at ActionTrip
23-Oct-2004 [Game News] Todd Howard talks about his plans to dumb down Oblivion
22-Oct-2004 [Development Info] Gamespy delves into Oblivion
15-Oct-2004 [Review] Morrowind reviewed by an EXPART
23-Sep-2004 [Preview] GameInformer's Oblivion info
22-Sep-2004 [Game News] Pete Hines responds some more
19-Sep-2004 [Development Info] Pete Hines Responds
19-Sep-2004 [Game News] More Fallout 3 drama
18-Sep-2004 [Interview] Todd Howard in PC Gamer
17-Sep-2004 [Game News] Todd Howard on Fallout 3
13-Sep-2004 [Game News] Fallout 3: Turn-Based?
10-Sep-2004 [Game News] Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion official
2-Sep-2004 [Game News] Next Elder Scrolls game hinted at
29-Jul-2004 [Game News] Fallout discussion expands on ES Forums
27-Jul-2004 [Game News] Fallout 3 discussion allowed again
27-Jul-2004 [Game News] Bethesda goes FOBOS on Fallout 3 discussion
24-Jul-2004 [Game News] Pete posts about previous interviews
20-Jul-2004 [Interview] Fallout 3 interview at CVG
18-Jul-2004 [Interview] Fallout 3 Q&A on GamesPlanet
17-Jul-2004 [Game News] RobG on Fallout and Bethesda
16-Jul-2004 [Game News] Little poll on FO3 combat and perspective
15-Jul-2004 [Interview] Pete Hines chats with Gaming Source
15-Jul-2004 [Community] Bethesda developer on the FO fans reaction
15-Jul-2004 [Interview] Yet another Fallout 3 interview
14-Jul-2004 [Game News] Bethesda on SPECIAL
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13-Jul-2004 [None] Rosh speaks on Followind
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13-Jul-2004 [Interview] IGN interview: FO3=MW with gunz
13-Jul-2004 [Game News] Gavin Carter of Bethedsa speaks
13-Jul-2004 [Interview] Pete Hines Q&A about Fallout 3 on GameSpy
12-Jul-2004 [Game News] Bethesda to develop and publish Fallout 3?
5-Apr-2004 [Company News] Bethesda to offer free download of The Elder Scrolls: Arena
16-Jan-2004 [Editorial] Bloodmoon gets the nod for best expansion from RPGDot
31-Oct-2003 [Game News] Morrowind Game of the Year Edition announced
4-Apr-2003 [Game News] Pirates of the Caribbean site up
17-Mar-2003 [Interview] Sea Dogs 2 interview at Daily Game
31-Oct-2002 [Interview] Morrowind: Tribunal interview at Gamers Pulse

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