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TES: Arena retrospective at RPG Watch

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TES: Arena retrospective at RPG Watch

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 15 March 2007, 13:44:24

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; The Elder Scrolls: Arena

RPG Watch has taken a <a href=http://www.rpgwatch.com/show/article?articleid=28&ref=0&id=180>look[/url] at Arena, the game that had started the Elder Scrolls series and put Bethesda on the RPG map.

Quests are many, but simplistic. Escort my niece, retrieve my book, take this message, about sums them up. Still, early on they are a great way to gather both experience and gold. If you stay outside in the streets at night (as opposed to sleeping in a tavern), then you’ll get the opportunity to practise your swordplay and spellcasting as assorted monsters, thieves and mages roam the streets at night, attacking anyone they find. The artefact quests and the ‘main’ quest are a little different, but I’ll leave you to discover them on your own.​
It's a decent game, but anyone who's interested in the old classics should play Daggerfall - one of the top 10 RPGs, in my opinion.

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